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The Drift Boat Detective

The Drift Boat Detective
A Novel By Jerome Chapman

          The first book in The Drift Boat Detective series is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com.,Kindle E BooksBooks A Million, Target and your local independent book sellers.

Paperback $16.99 **************Nook and Kindles  $3.99!!!

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The Book Exchange, Canton Rd. Marietta

The Book Shelf, Broad St., Thomasville, Ga.

Initial reviews have been good from both male and female readers.

Russell Baker is a happy man with a good job as a Detective on the Cobb County Police Department. But when his wife dies, he loses his way and moves to Bozeman, Montana, the place he met his wife Sarah. He sets out to find himself again.

After discovering a murder victim on the Madison River, he is dragged back into police work. He finds murderers, crooked cops, drug dealers, and the beautiful Nancy and the lovely Miriam. And, he finds himself.

You will find love, murder, and redemption.
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A New Drift Boat Detective Novel

Available Now!

A new challenge for Russell Baker, The Drift Boat Detective, as he takes clues in bits and pieces and hunts for the people who shot the Madison County Sheriff.

Buzzards & A Well Don’t Mix


( Unintended Consequences )

Sometimes, things do not work out the way we planned. Or, more correctly, we do stuff without having any plan at all. And, certainly, with no thought as to the possible outcome or consequences. Stuff just happens, they say.
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Rural Electric, Delco Power, and JC

The REA, Delco Light Plants, and Uncle JC

According to Wikipedia, The Rural Electrification Act of 1936, enacted on May 20, 1936, provided federal loans for the installation of electrical distribution systems to isolated rural areas of the United States. Funding was channeled through cooperative electric power companies, most of which still exist today. These member-owned cooperatives purchased power on a wholesale basis and distributed it using their own network of transmission and distribution lines. The Rural Electrification Act was also an attempt made by FDR’s New Deal to deal with high unemployment. I can remember the trucks and men coming down the dirt road my grandparents had lived on most of their lives and dropping off the poles. It was about 1946-’48. Life was about to change even more and even faster in the rural south just about 60 years after the Civil War.

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“And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

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Aw Shucks! Or, Something Like That!

Aw Shuck1

Aw, Shucks

(And other great expressions)

Growing up in the South, I learned a number of Southern Colloquialisms. I feel sure that if I had lived in Minnesota or New York, I would have possibly heard the same ones or some very similar. Words, phrases and expressions that were, and are, used to express the point we are trying to make in no uncertain terms but which are never fully explained. The “meaning” of the words has more to do with the manner and tone in which they are expressed and the circumstances under which they are used.
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Moonshine and Moonshiners


Moonshine And Moonshiners
Moonshine And Moonshiners

The picture above is a  Moonshine Still available from “The Whiskey Still Co.   WWW.Whiskeystill.net

By H. Jerome Chapman

 Many people know about the term “Moonshining”. It conjures different images to different people. To some, it is a sinister group of thugs like in the movie “Walking Tall”. To others it is a glamorized version where the moonshiners are good ole boys just trying to make a dollar. They don’t mean anyone any harm. Probably both pictures are correct.
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