December  18, 2017


We have now had months and months of the “Special Prosecutor” and he is looking more and more like the Special Persecutor who is lined up with the Clinton/ Comey group and all sense of ethical, unbiased investigation is gone. His team members have violated numerous basic principals of impartiality.  If Robert Mueller had any speck of character left, he would resign and take his thugs with him.  But, there is probably none left.

March 18, 2017



irrelevancy – the lack of a relation of something to the matter at hand

There comes a time that everything and, maybe everybody, probably  reaches that point of irrelevance . The point that the “thing” or person no longer has any importance, value, or effect. Buggy whips would be an example. Few of us have any use for one. They serve no purpose and if anyone had one it would probably be in the attic or the old shed out back. A Polaroid camera might be another. I have one that I have had for about 40 years and I have my mother’s old one, too. The last time I tried to buy film it was about sixty five dollars a pack. Maybe they will have a comeback.

Maybe Sears, Macys, and Penneys are in the same boat. Replaced by a computer click.

We see in the news that the President of the US now has no relevance. We have elevated the federal judges to be replacements for legislative and executive branches of our government and the Congress just functions as a place to debate the opposition. They are “representatives” of their own interests and agendas and parties.

In the meantime the people with the least accountability have the platforms and shape the mindset of the nation on national news channels and late night TV. The “American Dream” may be rendered irrelevant if we keep on this track.

Relocating the world’s problems and failed ideologies to the US seems to be the goal where in the past we saw the most industrious and those with a desire to “come to America and be an American” moving us forward.

The “middle class” is often talked about and many claim to have their interest at heart. The current Affordable Care Act has caused health care to become free to some and unaffordable for others. $27,000 a year for a self employed man with three kids and no one to turn to. Maybe we render the middle class as “irrelevant” too. Those that are getting it free demand that they continue to do so and don’t care who pays for it.

In Sandy Point people were self reliant for the most part. Grew their own food, managed their own affairs and found time to go to church and visit their family once in a while. None had any health insurance, that I recall, and a few had a life insurance policy. Those folks are now irrelevant too, I guess. And mostly gone.

John McCain, Nancy Pelosi and many others are out of touch with the world and have immunized themselves from their own mistakes, insured their own futures and have become irrelevant in the business of taking care of the America they were hired to protect and serve.



December 27, 2016

It is hard to believe the year is ending. Another on the way.  The political year went on and on and this morning Hillary Clinton is still out on the campaign trail trying to explain how she is not going to be sworn in on January 20th as president and people are still protesting the political process. You might notice that it is always the losers that protest. The umpire that was lousy in the little league game from the loser’s point of view was just fine for the winners.

We’ll see how things go over the next four years. With low expectations on the part of many, maybe they will be delightfully surprised but they will likely never admit it. Never.

The news media has been Tweeted out of relevance and now they, too, are mad as wet hens. How dare this President send out news without going through them! What will they do with all of their news filters?

Whether you voted for the man or not, its time to wish, hope, and pray that he does a good job. You don’t even have to admit that you are doing it! Happy New Year!

October 20, 2016

Well, the last debate is over. I did not watch it as I was afraid I would throw up all over the house. One person observed, “I’m glad the debates are over and will be happier when the election is done so we can start the impeachment process.”

Unfortunately, there will be no impeachment. The system may not be rigged but it is certainly entrenched so that a person of low character with connections can get elected even if they have displayed total disregard for the law and the American People.

I looked up some numbers today on the Clinton Foundation and found that their salaries for 2014 were $79,937,654 and what they gave to their “programs” was $33,689,239. Travel was over $18 Million. It does cost more to go first class, I guess. In total, 15.2% of the contributions that came in went to programs in that year. Chelsea got her money and a lot of other cronies too.

There is one thing for sure, you can’t feel sorry for a farmer if he puts a fox in to guard the hen house and the fox eats all the hens. We are about to put a wolf in the White House and there is no turning back now.

September 5, 2016

Every week now; drip,drip,drip,drip.

The revelations on Hillary Clinton are startling.  In any business setting that I know of, a job applicant with a record like hers would be tossed in the trash without a second thought. A driver taking a driver’s test, as a metaphor, would never be given a driver’s license after failing all the basic requirements.

Mrs. Clinton has run the stop signs, driven up on the curb, hit a pedestrian, and sideswiped a  parked car. Her test would be given a failing grade in the simplest of situations. She failed the basics in her time as Secretary of State now she is applying for the job as President.

Lying is the only thing she seems to be consistent about. She certainly has the signs of dementia and I am increasingly qualified to discuss that topic since I live with that problem every day.

She doesn’t remember being briefed on security and handling of classified documents. She doesn’t recall being told that a “C” on a document means “Classified”. She doesn’t remember. She didn’t know. She never emailed a classified document on her private email.

She is a Liberal Liar and they are in favor today. The public has a fascination with her and her husband that surpasses any normal understanding. No, she never mishandled any classified documents, she let her aides do it for her. She was busy raising money from foreigners and Wall Street and the Wall Street crowd can’t give her money fast enough as late as last week.

I’m sorry that the Republican Party is so screwed up. But I can’t imagine anyone observing this election who could possibly vote for the incompetent Hillary Clinton. She would not be considered for a similar position anywhere  based on her record. she wouldn’t be allowed in a WalMart store manager job, or a branch bank manager, or Church Treasurer job. She can’t be trusted.

But it takes more than a Tweet  to understand what’s going on today and in the past year Mrs. Clinton has avoided all news conferences. Why, I don’t know. The media darling will not be asked any serious questions. It seems we like being lied to. And we will elect the likes of Hillary Clinton to prove it.

July 1, 2016

So the Attorney General met with Bill Clinton? So what? There was nothing going to happen to Hillary Clinton under this administration regardless of any evidence and this meeting was just to rub the disdain they have for their detractors in everyone’s face. Another Supreme Court position promised. They still have another one or two to go. Cynical? No, realistic. Our system has allowed government officials immunity in all areas. Experts say the recent Supreme Court ruling will make it almost impossible to prosecute corrupt officials in the future. If it walks like a skunk, smells like a skunk, etc. etc.

In reality, few people care it seems to me.

June 25, 2016

Is it just me or does it seem to everyone that the Supreme Court has outlived its usefulness as it now exists? This week a major gun decision is not reviewed by the Court. They probably all had appointments with the geriatric doctors here and there to renew their meds and, they decided a major, maybe The Major immigration case by a 4 to 4 vote.

President Obama said, “See, I told you so. Had my appointee, who would have supported my way of thinking, been approved I would have a victory to allow 5,000,000 undocumented people to join the Democratic Party.”

So, why not just have one person on the court? If only one vote matters, then that’s what we should do and reappoint a judge at every new term of a president. That way, we could screw things up faster.

The President says he’s not going to do what the court says anyway. In some years, that might have been reason to call for a resignation or an impeachment.  Today that’s just politics as usual.

I’ll kind of be glad when Hillary gets crowned. I just am afraid that the hand basket may not be big enough.


June 6, 2016

Transgender Political Correctness

It was widely reported this last week about a person in Alaska who is a transgender boy who decided at some point he would rather be  female. And, he/she decided that he/she would do very well in women’s athletic competition and entered some high school events, beating out the girls to no ones particular surprise as all observers say boys can out do the girls in athletic events, most of the time.

So the observers say he is a he but he says he is a she. And, since he says he is a she, he can compete against the she’s.

On the surface, this would appear to doom women’s athletics. Every high school and college can quit worrying about Title IX  and dump the women’s programs. After all, it will now be mixed competition, like it or not. The women will have to compete for a spot on the men’s baseball, football, etc.

Oh, but wait a minute! If that happens and the school enrollment is 51% female, then the feds will say the teams have to be 51% female, .03% transgender, and who knows what other affected groups. The Heisman Trophy goes to  Lucas “Lulu”  Brown who is a transgender male who weighs 280 and uses the girls shower. No, there won’t be a girls shower. But, we will be “politically correct.”

My solution: if he has one attached and wants to be a girl, do a “cut and paste”. Remove “His” parts and give them to a her who wants to be a “Him”. See, this can kill two birds with one you know what.

© JC 2016

May 11, 2016

Paul Ryan

A few days ago, Paul Ryan was in the driver’s seat- he thought. He would ride out the nominating process, get to the convention and with the support of John Kasich and Ted Cruz, seize control of the convention and its outcome. Lo and behold, they left poor Paul dangling in the wind. The proverbial rug had been pulled out from under his feet.

Now, he is offering to step aside, and to everyone’s surprise, Trump has not pulled the trigger on that. Politics makes strange bedfellows, they say. We’ll have to see who Paul gets in bed with.

© 2016 JC

May 5, 2016


Seldom seen on local menus, Crow is now the rage! I may have to try it myself.

When Donald Trump entered the race for President, none of us bird lovers would have given him a fighting chance. We were more use to looking for eagles and finding turkeys.

This week, Fox News, CNN, CBS, ABC and even the BBC are lining up for a plate of crow, metaphorically, anyway. The mean, brash, rude , arrogant, ( where is Ted Cruz when I need a Trump adjective?) and totally unlikely presidential candidate has run them all off the roost!

Salt and pepper, anyone? Fried or grilled?

Now the folks telling us about Hillary are coming forward and telling us how bad Trump is. Hillary, it seems, has gotten religion and has been washed in the blood of a US ambassador, some brave security people, and walks, not on water, but on the bodies of the folks in Egypt, Syria, and Libya. Oh, and there was that guy that blew his brains out in a parking lot and some stuff about Bill Ayers and land on the White River.  All while taking in millions from every foreign country she ever visited. And she is going after all the Wall Street crowd, except her son in law,  as soon as she gets all her appearance checks and they clear the bank.

No fiction writer could top this stuff!

© 2016

May 1, 2016

Well, its May Day. May 1, 2016 and the start of a new month and a fresh calendar page. Wouldn’t it be nice if life and world events were like that? Just turn the page and get a fresh start and open days and nothing staring us in the face. Hate would become love. Fear would become confidence. Ugliness would become beauty. Etc.

But, it just doesn’t happen., does it? Today, one headline showed the Attorney General with a comment that there is no timetable on the Clinton, growing, email scandal. What a surprise!

The Justice Department may soon become the “Injustice” Department and make all of its own laws.  No one, I hope, was holding their breath that the FBI and the Attorney General would be allowed by the Democratic Party to make a move on Clinton.  While any opposition person would have already been hauled off to a Federal Grand Jury and probable indictment, this will never happen with those currently in office.

Why? Because Politics Trumps ( no pun intended ) the Law every time, now.  Justice is, after all, blind. In this case, blinded by political party needs.

April 26, 2016

As I have stated previously, I never gave much credence to the Donald Trump Presidential run from the beginning. And, as I have also stated, I feel the country is sorely in need of statesman ( or woman )- like people to step up and we certainly are woefully lacking those here and now.

Many have touted Ted Cruz and others like John Kasich as possible candidates in place of Trump. And, a few days back I would have agreed on Kasich.

After today, I can’t imagine ever voting for either of them and John Kasich is in the same category with Cruz as seeming to be nothing but a sleeze.

Here are two people saying “vote for me” but I am pulling out of some races and my other conspirator is pulling out of some so your vote won’t count for much except to allow the power brokers to decide for you. They know what’s best. Or, better said, “we” know whats best.

So, we are back to smoke filled rooms, Jack Daniels and deal makers. I wonder what Abraham Lincoln ( he was a Republican, you know ) would think if he could see all this now.

Congratulations, Hillary. It looks like you may win by default.

April 20, 2016

So Mr. Trump has moved on in the delegate count and now has the establishment Republican Party’s back against the wall. And, many Americans are seeing for the first time just how far removed the average voter actually is from the process. I believe that federal elections should not be a mystery show. Federal elections and the process should be the same in every state.

The voters vote. The candidate with the most votes in the primaries of the respective states is the candidate in the general election. That doesn’t seem hard to explain.

This morning, I saw a person try to explain how candidates are selected in Pennsylvania. Its very nice that Philadelphia is in Pennsylvania because it would take a team of Philadelphia Lawyers to figure it out!

April 7, 2016

Donald Trump has gone farther in his campaign than I ever thought he would. Maybe he has gone as far as he can, I don’t know, but we will see after New York.

But, whether you support him or hate him, what we are seeing is a successful businessman who is really a neophyte at politics.Trump is used to walking into his headquarters and being the head guy. People are more likely to tell him what he wants to hear and he is use to not being challenged by the people around him. he is the “Boss”.

In the world of politics, it is the other way around. The people he is talking to want to hear what they want to hear. They want the promises, even if they know they can’t possibly be fulfilled. Promise us anything and we will follow you anywhere.

In the movie, A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson’s character says, “You can’t handle the truth”. We don’t like being told the spigot has to be cut off or we go broke. Let me fill my bucket, then cut it off. Multimillionaires and billionaires with guilty consciences and liberal attitudes and people who prefer not to work are all for giving away more stuff. No problem for them. The middle class is going to be the ones hurt and we see it with rising medical and drug costs as the government keeps interfering. Small businesses are being swamped with more and more regulation that require time and money.Doctors are saying they cannot operate a practice any more on their own.

Clinton and Sanders want to give free health care to 11 Million illegals while people are having to sell their homes to get medical care for themselves in their senior years. We don’t have it for one group but we have, or will get, plenty for others.

Maybe we can “handle the truth” but we sure don’t like hearing it.

March 31, 2016

With the General Election coming, I am prepared to make a few predictions. I cannot predict, for sure, the winners in the election among candidates. Hillary Clinton will probably beat Paul Ryan in the General Election for President. But….I can predict the losers, or a lot of them: The Working Class ( so called middle class ), the retirees, people on Social Security. ( Contrary to popular opinion this is not a handout. Workers and their employers PAID into this forced program for 40+ years in many cases ) and the Constitutional process that has worked well for us until now. The Attorney General, The President, The Head of The EPA, Social Security, and various other Bureaucrats make the rules now and refuse to use the laws on the books. We are the losers. Sorry.


March 18, 2016

I previously said that I felt the Republican Party is dead and yet every day, one of the esteemed party members takes an ax and delivers one more blow to the head as if to make certain the thing is finished. A steady procession of assassins is coming out of the woodwork and yesterday it was I wanted to be President  Lindsey Graham. He says he will support Ted Cruz although he doesn’t believe he can beat Hillary Clinton because he doesn’t like Donald Trump.

What’s amusing with all of these members of the Republican Non-Leadership is that it seems to matter a lot that they do the killing and not Donald Trump. In any event, if they are right and a Trump win is tantamount to self annihilation, they don’t seem to realize that dead is dead. Ted Cruz can’t win. Marco Rubio can’t win. And the Speaker of the house Paul Ryan can’t win.

Facts are, the biggest crook in town, Clinton, will win because we like people like that now in the White House. It makes us all look good in comparison.

Any other person in the US with as much evidence against her would have already been arrested. But, even if she were indicted, Obama will pardon her. They may even have a cigar together. Or, was that her husband with the cigars? Something had her barking like a dog on TV.


February 22, 2016

Trump and the Republicans

Listening to Rush Limbaugh for a few minutes in the car today brought a couple of thoughts to mind. In a previous comment or two I have voiced the opinion that the Republican Party is pretty much dead. And, the comments and observations by Limbaugh, who was quoting a couple of national publications was along those same lines.

The “establishment” politicians had picked Jeb Bush somewhere along the way and has spent about $100 Million dollars trying to get him to be the nominee. Yet, Trump spending far less has sent him packing. The question is, what happened?

What happened is the Republicans have not lived up to their promise to stop this Democratic administration from doing whatever it wanted to do. The people went in one direction and the “establishment politicians” went in another. So far, the one candidate the republican voters identify with most is Donald Trump.

From what we have seen from the Republican Establishment, if they can’t have it their way, they will pick up their marbles and go home. They don’t yet realize that they have lost their marbles!

February 12, 2016

How About That Bernie Sanders?

Looking at Bernie Sanders’ record, you can’t see why he is so popular. According to an article in the Washington Post:

During his quarter-century in Congress, Mr. Bernie Sanders has been the chief sponsor of just three bills that were signed into law: two renaming U.S. Postal Service offices in his home state of Vermont and one that increased the annual cost-of-living raise for veterans’ benefits, which he secured as chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee in 2013

I guess that’s too much info for the Twitter crowd and no one has bothered to wonder how this Socialist, with no record of success in Congress, will do any better if elected President! A great talker. Not much of a walk.

January 29, 2016

Charlie Brown Politics

I have not researched the thought of when the Charlie Brown comic strip started. I’m sure that is readily available. I did look up one aspect of it, though, and wondered when the football was introduced and Lucy first tricked Charlie Brown into trying to placekick the ball only to have her move the ball at the last second, leaaving Charlie Brown to fall on his rear end as a result.

That first happened in 1951, I read. 65 years later, she’s still pulling that trick on him and he still falls for it. Most of us would say, in real life, he is pretty stupid, gullible, or both.

Yet, in the world of politics, the politicians keep jerking our ball out just about every time we think we can make that game winning field goal or the winning extra point. And we keep doing it and letting them get away with it over and over. Whether its interest rates on retirement money, retirement plans, social programs, or giveaways, the ball I was trying to kick has been moved several times. And, don’t work hard and save your money because the rewards go to those who spend themselves into bankruptcy, buy twice the house they can afford, and Wall Street firms that go broke and banks that fail.

I suppose in each generation, the government has had its share of detractors. But, because there was a core group of people who could put their “politic” aside and do the right thing, as an elected official or as a voter, we were able to weather whatever came along. But, as our society shifts to a more diverse group, thought wise, and more willing to give up and take away individual rights, the future looks more and more dim. And, with a new generation of young people who have not had to make many, if any at all, sacrifices and feel that everyone is entitled to what ever anyone else has, the American Dream may have to be found elsewhere.

Old, tired and self absorbed politicians and judges who feel they have a better view of the world than the rest of us are a serious threat. Our founding fathers never foresaw people staying in Congress for longer then people lived on average in 1776. Judges who are so far removed from life as to not be concerned with how they “socially engineer” the world that made them rich and immune from its problems.

Cynical? Maybe. More of a realist, I would say. And, we are gullible enough to believe them when we know the line they are feeding us is bogus. But, the promises sound sooooo good!

Tuesday January 19, 2016

As we speed toward the Clinton Coronation, Herman Cain said on his show today that the selection of a candidate by the Democratic Party has shown us that a President  of The United States can be “elected” with little input from the public. The public’s role would be now just to go thru the motions of voting when the party has provided the only candidate that is acceptable to the party and endorsed wholeheartedly by the media.

We’ve seen the leaders of many South American, African, and European countries gain power this way and now its here. And when people in Iowa were polled on their choice for the type of government they would like, Socialist was the winner! One might expect that in San Francisco, but Iowa?

The Clinton’s, to me, represent the money grubbing, ruthless and reprehensible things that are wrong with politics and yet they have a big following. Their ability to coerce money from foreign countries borders on amazing. And, their ability to make it look OK is astounding.

Our culture has undergone a major shift and the US will never be the same again. Socialism continues to fail in country after country, but we are hell bent on doing it here. France has 10% unemployment, budget problems and wanted to welcome a tide of imigrants. Sweden’s answer to assimilating Syrians and ISIS people is to train them to shoot. It seems a gun range is an excellent place to learn Swedish.

The US is piling on debt at an astounding rate and balanced budgets are not even discussed. Wall Street, in spite of all the rhetoric from the Democrats, is supported on every turn by the Democratic Policy Makers and the retirees with a little savings get nothing.

Young people believe that everyone is entitled to everything. You think we have a problem with “entitlements” now. Just you watch! Cause: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

Monday January 18, 2016

Frank Sinatra sang a song, “That’s Life”, where he has a line that says “Riding high in April, shot down in May”. The President and his crew, namely John Kerry, are vigorously touting  the Iran Nuclear deal and the release of the American prisoners being held by Tehran. They are “Riding high in January”, so to speak.

There will be a day coming when this deal will be shot down by the Iranians. No piece of paper will stand in their way of trying to achieve world dominance. When everyone realizes the mistake, I wonder where Mr. Obama will be? Living in a lavish villa in the Arab Emirates or basking on the beach in Hawaii?

The evidence of how they view this deal in Iran is shown in the announcement that they will be buying, with the money being sent by the US, a large number of Air Bus airplanes. They have no intentions of having a fleet of planes that they cannot get parts for or delivery of from their most hated enemy.

No, the mess Obama and Kerry will be leaving will be like dog crap. I see a lot of people walking their dogs on the public bike trails and walkways, carrying their little plastic bags. They, with a big smile on their face, scoop up the dogs “business” and walk away with it in the little bag. They are proud to show the “job they have done”. Then, the minute no one is looking, they throw the bag down for someone else to deal with. Yesterday, I saw several bags dropped in one pile that someone had started over by the Chattahoochee. How nice!

This pile of crap, known as the Iran Nuclear deal, will have to be cleaned up some day. While the Iranians are making nuclear weapons with US aid in North Korea, we will be singing “That’s Life”, “How Sweet It Is!” Then, with the old CCWR folks , we will be singing  “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”, or, maybe “Bad Moon Rising”.

Wednesday January 6, 2016

Hillary and Bill are now going shoulder to shoulder in a battle against Trump and the inept Republicans. Hillary “stood by her man” when he was carousing around all those years and he has more than paid her back…..at least financially….so far.  Bill has been bringing in piles of cash to the Foundation which in turn fuels their  lifestyles and ambitions. Now, he has to deliver the Presidency and all will be forgiven. He can have all the girlfriends and cigars in the White House he wants after the election. Just don’t get caught at it.

They could have taken some lessons from the Kennedy’s on that one. John F. , God rest is soul, had a string of them including Marilyn Monroe. It is a rite of passage for some of the males in that office it seems.

It is almost hilarious how we give such adulation to people who have connived, schemed and lied as much as the Clinton’s, while making  millions and millions of dollars and talking about looking after the poor and middle class. And, they even have their daughter marrying in to a thieving and stealing family. I believe living in a ten million dollar apartment would put you in the 1/2 of 1% class, I may be wrong.

But, for all of those that decry their lifestyles and talk about Obama, the country has gone too far done the road of liberalism and corruption and too many are on the same bus. They say there is no free lunch but, like winning the lottery, we know we probably will never win it but we keep buying a ticket…..just in case.

Thursday December 3rd, 2015:

What is the biggest issue facing America today? That is a big question and you could expect to get an argument from the politicians, especially the “Progressives”. Some would say its Gun Control, some  terrorism, and others might say the environment. Jobs might be another.

But “None of the Above” may be the answer. The answer may be in these numbers:Anyone good at math?

US Annual Income at present: 3.176 Trillion
Spending Budget for 2015 : 3.759 Trillion
In the hole for 2015 583 Billion
Total Projected Unfunded
Liabilities by 2027 127.0 Trillion! ( with a T )
Anyone good a spelling? B-R-O-K-E

That’s right, it would take the annual income for the next 40 years to cover the already promised monies due in the next 12! Not counting the usual overhead. Added together, the next 12 years would require about 170 Trillion dollars ( Some estimate 200 Trillion) with about 38 Trillion coming in! This will make the situation in Greece look like a kindergartner’s lemonade stand budget problem. The only problem here, the lemon will be crushed, not squeezed!

Wednesday December 2, 2015

Politics and politicians have funny ways of looking at things. Talk about the “glass half empty, glass half full” views. Jeb Bush is at 5% in the recent Republican candidate race and he says, “Polls don’t matter.” Donald Trump says just look at the polls and he is the clear choice.  Way ahead.

So, it is a matter of where you are in the polls. If you are ahead they are very important and if you are behind they are not important.

I don’t believe either of them can win but who can say?

The Global Climate conference is becoming more a Terrorist Conference and maybe that’s for the best. NASA says, yes the polar ice field has actually been expanding these past few years but they say that is just more proof of global warming. Its always best when you are arguing a cause to be sure that you always have the position that whatever the numbers are, they support your position.

Now, Iran is going to be the mediator between Russia and Turkey. The people in Iraq say the US is backing ISIS. Russia says Turkey is buying all if the ISIS oil. Great Britain can’t decide what to do and we are sending some more troops somewhere.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Sunday November 14, 2015

World War III

Speaking of Politics.

November 30, 2015

Global Warming Is The Issue

The Global Warming meeting is under way in Paris. The President of the US says that Global Warming is the root cause of ALL our problems and the Meeting in Paris will teach those terrorists a lesson. Terrorism is being aided by Global Warming. But the meeting will show them we are not afraid!

Hurricane Sandy was caused by GW ( Global Warming ) and the floods and droughts are caused by GW, too. The record snow so far this year in Alaska is cause by, you guessed it, GW and the lack of snow in the Sierras the last few years……GW!

Tornadoes in the Midwest…..GW.

When governments are power hungry, everything is an enemy that can only be defeated by their efforts which involve the restriction and TAXATION of the people. This will allow more control over EVERY business in the world. And if they can figure out how to do it , Mars.

The President has lost his place, and his way, in the world and the French President is taking the spotlight along with Putin from Russia.

When the ISIS people get all of their terrorists in place in Germany, France, Canada, and the US, watch out! Or as the movie said, “Duck, You Sucker!”


November 26, 2015 Happy Thanksgiving
Global Warming Conference In Paris

If there is anyone not qualified to discuss Global Warming from a scientific point of view, it would be me. But there are a lot of people with opinions and facts. Some are right, some are wrong, some are somewhere in between on this subject.

I will say that the idea of global warming and its consequences are real and history shows that. AS far back as science can see, there have been major swings in the earth’s weather and climate with tropical weather that could support dinosaurs and ice ages. The evidence suggests that man had nothing to do with these changes since there were none, or very few, around.

Today, the US and other governments are in the business of “control” and they know that the best way to get the population to give over more and more control of their lives is the use of fear. Watching foreign television the last few days they refer to the Climate Meetings in Paris as “mankind’s last chance!”

I believe that we can impact the climate and the weather changes. But….I believe some of these changes will occur if mankind was wiped off the face of the earth tomorrow. There were were sharks swimming beside Ga Hwy 42 that runs just below Sandy Point near Macon, Ga. ( Fall Line ) at one time and many people have dug up their teeth and other fossils along that stretch of road. To think that that could happen again could be scary, I suppose. 500,000 years from now.

But, to suggest that President Obama and a few world Government leaders will be able to control that is mind boggling. I invite you to visit this site. http://www.drroyspencer.com/latest-global-temperatures/

Dr. Spencer is a former NASA Weather Scientist and Scientist with the Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama and IS qualified to discuss the subject of Global Warming. Doing what we can reasonably do in this area makes sense. Allowing the government to take total control of our day to day lives to accomplish the impossible will be a serious mistake that the citizens will likely not be able to undo. Global Warming is a popular cause. Lets make sure its popularity does not cause us to be blinded by government ambition.


The events of the last few days have underscored the world condition as far as terrorism is concerned. We have been told many things about the various Islamic groups and the fact that they have been “contained’ or rendered impotent. However the recent killings in Paris and the plane blown out of the sky on the way to Russia from Egypt show a stark and harsh reality.

We see, too, the danger of opening the door for every person on the face of the earth claiming to be a refugee, such as those from Syria. This current enemy, ISIS, is said to have only 30,000 fighters. That is if you can believe anything that the current administration says about the subject.

The current  leaderships and recent members of it, like Hillary Clinton, have used a big broom to sweep the problems under the proverbial rug. However, the dirt is still there and the rug is no longer big enough to cover it all.

Nearly 60 countries are involved in some form or another and over 40 have conducted actual airstrikes against this enemy. This is now a “world” war.

Most of us thought that the Third World War would be intercontinental missiles, B2 Stealth Bombers, and Fifth Generation standoff fighters. But it is 7 suicide bombers with bombs strapped to their bodies and carrying Kalashnikov AK-47’s.

Not US made weapons. Thank God for that, anyway.

We have billions spent on F-35 Fighters and F-22’s that we can’t seem to make work and this 30,000 fighters are holding off nearly 60 Countries!

This will be an important election year coming up. We no longer have the luxury of doing social experiments and righting inequities of the past 350 years. No more handshakes and selling out. We have to have some people who can lead. People who are unpredictable and unapologetic for who we are.

We need a broom alright. A big one. One that will sweep out the “politicians” and the “bureaucrats” and make room for some statesmen.  A clean sweep. From the top down.

But, I am not optimistic. The socialist, left wing agenda is resonating with the youth and college campuses. Those who have had many sacrifices made for them and have had to make few themselves. The expectation that all are entitled to everything that others had to work for. For many, “sacrifice” means they have to drive a two year old BMW while their friend has a new one. We start in little league now and give everybody a trophy, whether they win or lose.  That’s why there are some many standing in line for a trophy!

Friday November 6, 2015

Mr. Bush ’41 has his new book out and he comments on some of Bush ’43’s team members, some of who he clearly did not care for. I believe that the Senior President Bush is and was a “nice” man. Also, in spite of his detractors, Bush ’43 as well. Mr. Bush and Mr. Putin, just this week in his  case, have learned that terrorists can strike and kill with no warning and you are left to “do something” and sometimes that something is not the right “something”. What we need right now in the region is a Saddam Hussein type who does not like ISIS.

Jeb Bush is half heartedly running for president, it seems to me. He does not seem to have a fire in his belly for the job. He was Governor of Florida for 8 years and is probably as qualified to be president as anyone running. But he just seems to be jogging. I think he feels he owes it to his dad to run. He lost one of his major backers this week and he is not far from having to make the call. “I’m out.”

Chris Christie had less experience, more brashness and more of the “nasty” that one has to have to deal with the ruffians around the world but he has suffered from the bridge closing deal and over exposure. being relegated to the sub tier debate will probably about do it for him unless he gets spectacular ratings from the debate. Christie became governor in 2010 and the Hurricane Sandy thing has not helped.

Mike Huckabee is about where Jeb Bush is and I hope Fox still has a job for him. I think it is hard for people to take him seriously now and he has over exposed himself. He was Governor for almost 11 years and is probably capable.

There is a lot of support for Ben Carson and he has a remarkable personal story. I don’t see him beating Hillary Clinton and he may be too nice. But the revelation today that he lied about having an offer for a free ride at West Point is a serious blow to his credibility and look for big slippage in his popularity as the media makes a lot of hay with that story.

As far as Trump, I think he would be ok but cannot win in a National election. He would get little cooperation from the Democrats, but there is no cooperation now. People don’t like “frankness”. They (we) want people who can lie to us in a straight face and make us act like we believe them.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, well there again, you see qualifications are secondary. I would like to see Marc Rubio emerge, but I am not sure that can happen.



Monday November 2, 2015

The month of Thanksgiving has arrived once more. In our climate of Political Correctness, we probably will have to change the name of that to something less “religious” sounding so as not to offend any of the people from non-religious backgrounds or at least different from the original  participants. After all, To Whom are you “thankful?”

The new Speaker of the House says our President can’t be trusted. He used it in a narrower sense, but he did say he could not be trusted.  Now, think on that one.

Then we have a word being used not commonly used by the general public:


I have to say I am “conflicted”. We are now going to send 50 American troops to Syria. We will be there to observe the Syrian Government troops, assist the Anti-Syrian Government rebels and stay clear of the Iranian Troops, The Russian troops and air planes, and, ISIS fighters. And, Lord only knows who else. There are probably some Israeli troops and some British troops and some Turkish troops, too. Talk about not being able to turn your back on anyone!

For anyone who believes in prayer, these 50 soldiers will surely need it!

Sometimes what the government does is so stupid and so without explanation, they have to find some word to use that only people in their elite circle of intellectuals will understand. A John Kerry, a Barrack Obama, and a Hillary Clinton for example.

Imagine going onto the playground today at recess and saying: “we have to de-conflict this place.”

I have a better word: let’s


The people we have now in Washington have lost all perspective about “American Values” and we are now suffering from “Political Correctiveitis.” A now common disease with seemingly no cure. And we have replaced “Common” sense with “Non” sense. It won’t be long before we can’t use the word “snake”. It sounds too much like profiling. And, we probably need to apologize to some people as we are giving them a few $Billion. It would go something like: “We are sorry that we had this $Billion to give you and you did not have it in the first place.”

But, I must be careful not to “Conflict” anyone’s thinking or they may have to undergo “De-Confliction”. And we will do that for them as soon as we find out what it is!

Maybe John Kerry can explain.

And, by the way, those lower medical insurance costs brought about by Obamacare ( ACA )are going up 20% this period and Medicare patients are losing their Doctors. Just in case you had not heard. De-confliction, anyone?

If I were a doctor I would only see people on regular insurance from their employer between the ages of 25 and 65. I wouldn’t take a dime of Medicare, etc. I would do my charity work at places of my choice. But, hey, I am am on Medicare! Find me a doctor please!

The new mode of operation: if it is working, let’s screw it up!

Have a good week!


Wednesday October 28, 2015

If Hillary Clinton did not have this thing sewed up before last week, she should have now. The Congressional Hearings on Libya amounted to a cannon firing cotton balls. The committee looked impotent and Hillary looked like a presidential candidate.

Now we have Dr. Ben Carson, the darling of many, emerging as the front runner for the Republicans. Dr. Carson seems like a fine man and probably is. But he has about as much chance of beating Hillary Clinton as I do and I am not even a candidate.

Bill Clinton is probably already lining up his speaking engagements for the Post Election fee schedule.

I continue to be in awe of the fact that we can’t field a decent slate of candidates for this important position and the willingness of the American public to continue to accept what we get. But, for most if it won’t fit on a tweet or a text message, they won’t see it anyway.

The more they hate America and want to “change” it the more they are liked, it seems. There are a lot of ultra rich who are living off the money left to them by their grandparents who made the money using the American Dream and who now have guilt feelings about having all that money and feel if they can give some of their money, and all of everyone else’s, to help the poor and downtrodden they will sleep a lot better. If Bill Gates wants to raise Vidalia Onions and give them away, that’s fine with me.  But I usually only have one onion at a time so I don’t have any to give away.

Socialism, here we come. Or, did we already get there?

Thursday October 22 2015
A new Speaker of the House for the Republicans? And he already wants some days off before they even vote?

Folks, you cannot make up stuff like this. The best comedy writers in the world would have a hard time coming up with this stuff!

The dysfunction of these people is incredible. Thank goodness for those “bad” people who framed the Constitution and left us with a framework that can function to some level in spite of the incompetent boobs we have up there.

Socialism is in full swing in Canada now. They are pulling out of the Middle East and mark my words, they will open the gates to the people that want to come over there. One of these days, they will be sorry but it will be too late. Maybe I am wrong, but I suspect they will have a major influx of people who wish us ill and they will be right next door.

Wednesday October 21, 2015
Joe Biden is a “No Show”

Vice President Joe Biden said “No” to running for President. He says he waited to long to make a decision because of the loss of his son. So, we just have to take his word for that.

But, let’s keep an eye on ole Joe and see where he ends up in the months ahead after Hillary’s coronation. Maybe an ambassador. Maybe Secretary of State. Wouldn’t that just be too weird? Or, maybe he becomes head of the Clinton Foundation with a Million Dollar salary. Now, that’s a possibility. And we will say, “Wonder how that happened?”

Well, they say, “Money talks.” You probably know the rest.

Goodbye, Joe. I wanted you to run soooooo bad.

HJC SPT 2015

Monday Oct 19,2015

Joe Biden:
The country and the media are waiting with bated breath to see what Joe Biden is going to do: run or not run.
While I hope he runs as a way of keeping more extreme candidates from getting elected, I’m not too sure about Mr. Biden.

He talks at every occasion about the loss of his son. That had to be a tough thing especially after the other tragedies he has had in his life. That may be too much baggage for him.

But, if he runs, he should not make the loss of his son his reason for voters to vote for him. That would do a disservice to his son and a person is not made “Presidential Material” by such a loss, as bad as it was to endure.


The debate was raging over the weekend as to who could have prevented the 911 attack and the Republicans are slinging mud at each other. I think we can speculate and postulate on that for the next 50 years. Let’s put it in the same file with the Kennedy Assassination. Politics uses strange logic, or no logic.

Unless Donald Trump has a mole over in the Middle East, which I doubt, he would have been as surprised as I was when a fellow working in the warehouse stopped me to tell he had just heard it on the radio.

The President is going to keep some soldiers in Iraq. How many experts did it take to come up with the fact that we are on the verge of seeing ISIS take over that whole country? Whose statue will they put up where the old ones were?

What was it the guy said about common sense? It’s not too common anymore. Just because we declare victory and say the war is over doesn’t make it so.

The region was far better off with Saddam Hussein who knew how to deal with his enemies and it did not involve negotiation. Egypt is voting again and “Democracy” in that country hangs in the balance. We’ll see.

My Grandmother always said: Spit in one hand and wish in the other. See which one fills up first.

Wishing will not fix the hatred and enmity that exists in the Middle East. When they defeat all of the “Infidels”
in that region and around the world, they will still be killing one another.

Speaking Of Politics

I never thought I would be saying this, but:

I sure do hope Joe Biden gets in the race for President.He is the only one that could likely beat Hillary. No Republican candidate could at this point.

I do not know what is wrong with our Country and the answer may be nothing, that I am what’s wrong. But with Hillary’s total lack of any meaningful success as a politician, she could probably shoot Bill and Chelsea on the front lawn of the Whitehouse and still get elected.

Chelsea will help her look after the “working people” while living in her $10,000,000 apartment in New York and living with her Wall Street husband and her father in law will still owe $9,000,000 in fines for stealing money from his clients. Bill will still be making $500,000 a night giving speeches.

Run, Joe, Run!!!

October 14, 2015

Speaking Of Politics

The “Democratic” debate is all over the news this morning. Who won? What is the strategy? Where will it all end up?
That “debate” will go on in the media until the next round.

What is clear, to even a political novice like me, is that we are headed toward a Socialist Country if we have not already arrived. The current candidates want to provide everything to everybody, and I mean “Everybody”, with their plans. We currently have about 25% of the people who could work but are not. Never mind the so called unemployment rate of 5% +/-. The call for unlimited days off, unlimited leave, etc. plus the minimum wage debate that is now at the State and Local level is growing. The unemployment among young African American males is mindboggling.

It seems that the highly privileged in our society want to do a lot for the “Under privileged”. On the surface that sounds great. However, they want to do that by taking money from the savings and efforts of the middle class and giving it to the “under class” but still keep their own and the “middle class” is becoming an endangered species.

If I look around the world, places where everyone in the society are somewhat economic equals, they seem to be a “poor” society. I wonder if that means, “When everyone is equal economically, everyone is poor?” Forget Sweden and Norway,they are anomalies.

Of course, you will always have the Privileged either by money or military force.

I don’t have a job now but I worked for over 40 years and paid into the system with no say in it. Now, young people are being told we are leaches on society. They are being taught that they are having to support us while the Federal Government took all the money and left us IOU’s and they are dong it to the tune of Billions this very minute.

It may not be in the few years I have left, I don’t know, but I know one thing: Buzzards come home to roost. And the Vultures are circling. People still want to come here because we have been the land of opportunity and there are many today that say that is bad.

The President swears in on the Koran and promises ( did I say Koran? Freudian Slip ) to uphold the Constitution and immediately goes about announcing that they will only enforce the few laws they like. That they will rule by Presidential Pronouncement. There was a time that might have been called anarchy or tyranny.

As we have more and more diversity, the idea of a melting pot where everyone strives to be “American” has faded and we more and more see the different groups wanting to hang on to and impose on the world around them their way of life. Regardless of your own personal view of religion, we seem to endorse those who display and support any way of life other than the “Christian” way. A clerk wearing a hijab in the checkout line is a symbol the business supports diversity. But I wonder why none seem to wear a Cross or a Kippah showing? That might be offensive?

I guess we’ll see. Where do you apply for the National Bailouts, like Greece recently did? Our Next Prime Minister probably has a plan. With a totally ineffective two party system we now have a totally ineffective Congress. God Bless America! That is not illegal to say, is it? I’m sure it offended someone!


October 8, 2015

Speaking of Politics

It is hard to believe that we could be at this stage in governmental affairs and still be going on. Incompetence, greed, total and flagrant disregard for the law and Hillary Clinton comparing American Citizens to the Iranians. She and Bill have never met a potential financial donor that they did not like, you know.

Hillary is not sure who owned her email servers or whether they had one or a dozen.  The Republicans can’t decide what they want to do and so they do nothing.  But that doesn’t stop the US from giving advice to the rest of the world and still moving along with the notion that if we give a foreign government enough money, they will love us and leave us alone.

A socialist is the leading opposition to “Progressive” Hillary for the Democratic nomination and Hillary has a long history of leaning toward subversive thinkers like Bill Ayers.  The ISIS group is now said to be the leading terrorist group in the world ( Congressional Hearings this week ) and yet we are told by our President that they are on the way out and, for all practical purposes, defeated.

We also learn what we all suspected: those groups have been openly trying to buy “dirty” nuclear devices. Iran should have a corner on that market soon.

After all, in the Middle East and Europe its not guns that kill people, its bombs. Of all types. Car, motorcycle or pressure cooker, just take your pick.

CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC and on and on. When they show the ISIS group members they are Ninja looking fighters all decked out and in victorious poses. Wonder why so many young people are attracted to them? Hummmm.

Heaven help us all! Lord, please send us someone to lead us and inspire us and to set an example. Democrat, Republican or no name party, I don’t care! Someone who understands that the reason people around the world yearned to come here was not because we needed to be changed so badly but because we offered a way of life that was better. And day after day we are trying to remake the country into the very thing that they were trying to escape in years past. Where will people be trying to go next? Where is the next “best place on earth” going to be?


A place in the State of Mind