Days Before UPS ( And Dyas Is Gone )

The Days Before UPS, FedEx, Amazon and I-75

(And, Bradberry’s and Dyas are Long Gone)

by H.Jerome Chapman

 I could be wrong on this, as likely as that would seem to everyone. But, I suspect that most people under 50 years have not stopped to realize that there has not always been a UPS, a FedEx and certainly no Amazon dot com. Yet, people all over the country relied heavily on goods being shipped to them that they ordered from various catalogs like Sears and Montgomery Ward. Maybe you ordered some chrome parts for your ’50 Ford Flathead V/8 from the J.C. Whitney catalog. Continue reading Days Before UPS ( And Dyas Is Gone )

Sister Tabor’s Baptism

 Growing up in a rural area can have its pluses and minuses. Sandspurs, for example, would not be considered a plus. There are millions, I suppose, that have never seen a sand spur around their house unless you live in sandy areas or maybe around a Florida beach. The actual name of these little devils is Cenchrus longispinus and cenchrus gracillimus for the varieties that grow in the Southeastern US and you have to be really careful pronouncing that first one. Continue reading Sister Tabor’s Baptism

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