Sandy Point Baseball and Blood

Baseball In Germany and Sandy Point


My father liked baseball. He liked playing baseball and watching baseball. I have pictures of him and his cousin playing ball as young men and I also have pictures of him playing while in the Army. Baseball was one of the few things that he and I did together when I was a kid. We would play “pitch” in the yard.

Little League baseball was basically unheard of when I was a kid but the elementary schools had a league in the county in which I lived. Most of the schools in the county had their own baseball fields and the ones in the city had use of several municipal fields for games.
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Republican Party Obituary

GOP Headstone

On behalf of Reince Priebus, John Boehner and a host of others, it is my sad duty to announce the death of The Republican Party, also known as the GOP. An autopsy will likely not be needed because it is believed the causes of death included lack of focus, lack of leadership, lack of common understanding and having a Chairman whose name no one knows and can’t pronounce. The condition of the body is such that cremation is the only option.

I believe that a two party system is needed to keep a balance between the extremes. But somewhere along the way the party allegiances became more important than the Country’s needs and values. Then, along came the Tea Party people who set out to make the Republican Party better.
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Aw Shucks! Or, Something Like That!

Aw Shuck1

Aw, Shucks

(And other great expressions)

Growing up in the South, I learned a number of Southern Colloquialisms. I feel sure that if I had lived in Minnesota or New York, I would have possibly heard the same ones or some very similar. Words, phrases and expressions that were, and are, used to express the point we are trying to make in no uncertain terms but which are never fully explained. The “meaning” of the words has more to do with the manner and tone in which they are expressed and the circumstances under which they are used.
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The 76 Days Of Christmas


I was not expecting it! It just came at me right out of the blue!

I was walking through the Sears Lawn and Garden department today with no particular purpose except that I have to walk through Lawn and Garden and the Tool section anytime I’m at the mall. I have to keep up on the latest in riding mowers and quick release ratchets so I will be able to discuss them with my male friends. I don’t risk bringing those subjects up with my female friends as I am not sure which ones would really give a flip.

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About Jacalyn Wilson:

A little background from the author herself:
About Featured Image JPEG

I always loved reading, but I never aspired to be a writer. A composer, maybe, but not a writer. Then, somewhere in the midst of my dabbling in composing, I found myself plotting stories in my head. For years I did this, when I was driving, or couldn’t sleep, or was bored. Finally, one day I asked myself, “Why not? Why not try writing a book?” And I talked myself right into it.

Four months after I actually sat down and began writing, I had the first draft completed. But it was four years later, after a major re-write and editing, that I self-published “Heaven’s Mountain” on Amazon as a kindle book. Somewhere along the way, I realized I had to continue the Heaven’s Mountain story in a sequel or two. I had to tell the readers what happened to the other characters! So, I wrote those stories, too, with Mountain Girl published in 2012 and Mountain Song in 2015.

On another note: In 2014 I had the fantastic experience of recording a CD of some of my original songs. If you’re interested, search for Jacalyn Wilson on Amazon and you’ll find the album “Something Deep”, along with separate listings for each song. You can hear a short sample of each song, too!

So, what’s next, you ask? Hmm… I have a few ideas percolating in my head. You’ll just have to wait and see!


All three books, the CD, and two short Kindle works are available on

All of my work is also available directly from me. You can contact me at


A Word From Sandy Point Times

 Jacalyn Street Wilson

Author, Singer, Song Writer, Mother, Grandmother and CPA


She Lives in Sandy Point!

Jackie and her late husband moved to Sandy Point some thirty-odd years ago. A lot has happened since that time. Children and jobs, the heartache of losing a spouse and the challenge of building a successful CPA business have slowed her down some, but she has been making up for lost time! And we won’t even talk about all those church Christmas programs!

Jackie is an accomplished musician, singer and song writer with a degree in music from Wesleyan College. A great singer, (it runs in the family) she has an album of her own music.

A creative person by nature, her creativity does not stop with music. Now, Jackie has just released her third book, “Mountain Song” in a Trilogy she calls Heaven’s Mountain Trilogy. They are available from  in ebook and paperback. You’re gonna “Love” em!

3 Books

 Check them out! You never know what’s coming next from Sandy Point!

You can order from Jackie directly if you want. Contact her at : You may as well order one of each!

To read Chapter One of Jackie’s newest book, Mountain Song, click on this link :

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Moonshine and Moonshiners


Moonshine And Moonshiners
Moonshine And Moonshiners

The picture above is a  Moonshine Still available from “The Whiskey Still Co.

By H. Jerome Chapman

 Many people know about the term “Moonshining”. It conjures different images to different people. To some, it is a sinister group of thugs like in the movie “Walking Tall”. To others it is a glamorized version where the moonshiners are good ole boys just trying to make a dollar. They don’t mean anyone any harm. Probably both pictures are correct.
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Never Be At A Loss For Words

You Should Never Be At a Loss For Words

(Great words like Opossum and Lackadaisical)

by H. Jerome Chapman

 Sticks and Stones” is an English language children’s rhyme. It is intended to persuade the child victim of name-calling to ignore the taunt, to refrain from physical retaliation, and to remain calm and good-natured. It is reported to have appeared in The Christian Recorder of March 1862, a publication of the African Methodist Episcopal Church where it is presented as an “old adage” in this form:

Sticks and stones will break my bones But words will never harm me.

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Listening to Music In The Country, 1958 Style

Listening To Music in the Country

Circa 1958

Vhevy Radio

Old Chevy Car Radio

by H. Jerome Chapman

Your kids probably don’t know:

  • Music has not always been portable
  • Radio was once the ONLY way to hear music in the car. And even that wasn’t always possible.

If this picture is the entertainment system you had in your first car, then you are older than you claim!!!
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Social Media and the Preacher Circa 1973


by H. Jerome Chapman

If you mention the phrase “social media” today, a number of applications come to mind. Facebook, certainly, is the foremost name people think of, along with Twitter and several others. Most people regard the “Social Media” as a new arena that did not previously exist. The fact is, I got into “social media” in the mid ‘60’s. Continue reading Social Media and the Preacher Circa 1973

Grandmother’s Angels

by H Jerome Chapman

I  guess it is a great experience in life to meet just one person who exhibits what we might call “God Like” qualities. Some would argue as to how those attributes would be defined and verified for an individual. Some would even argue the existence of either: God or “God Like” qualities. Continue reading Grandmother’s Angels

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