December 18th, 2017


We have now had months and months of the “Special Prosecutor” and he is looking more and more like the Special Persecutor who is lined up with the Clinton/ Comey group and all sense of ethical, unbiased investigation is gone. His team members have violated numerous basic principals of impartiality.  If Robert Mueller had any speck of character left, he would resign and take his thugs with him.  But, there is probably none left.


October 8, 2017

The Enemy Is Us

It appeared for a few days that the political gods had prevailed and the President to Be ( Hillary Clinton ) was not to get her long sought and assumed, by some, rightful place in history. The Republican Party had pulled off a major upset, to the chagrin of many and all of the news organizations and networks. Now, the Republicans could show the  world  how to fix the healthcare system and a myriad of other problems. At least that is how it looked.

But a funny thing happened on the way to success: they started running into themselves. The Mitch McConnels, The Pauls, the Freedom Caucus, Paul Ryan and others. They had met the enemy: themselves.

Never in US politics has a party squandered more than this bunch. Say what you want about the Dems, right or wrong, if they are headed toward a cliff, they keep in step and all go together.

© JC 2017



Once Upon A Time

A lot of stories use to start with those words: Once Upon a Time. Once Upon a Time we had a different environment in our country and there were trusted people in local, state, and federal government.

Once Upon a Time, when you turned on the evening news you sat and listened to the likes of Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Eric Sevareid, Bob Schieffer, and for a long time Dan Rather. Tom Brokaw would be in there as well.

The integrity of these men was not ever questioned and they always seemed to keep their personal opinions to themselves. That started changing when Walter Cronkite started questioning the Vietnam War. The crack widened when Dan Rather started fabricating information, was caught and left CBS in disgrace.

With the swearing in of the new President in 2017, a major chasm began to be revealed and a new phrase became a daily part of the news industry: Fake News. The media had backed a loser in the election. They had to find out why and how to correct it. Many, if not most, did not believe that such a thing as Fake News existed as a barrage was unleashed and Congressional hearings started and lo, and behold, another phenomena started: news organization are now almost daily having to retract their articles and even had to start firing people. The day of accountability had arrived and not to their liking.

Once Upon a Time we felt we could trust CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, and the others. Now, we are uncertain if we can trust any of them. We certainly know that bias in reporting is acceptable, tolerated, and even encouraged. Newspapers, in a long death struggle to survive, have kept the wolf away with negative and false reporting to sell papers. The AP, just yesterday, had to retract an incorrect report and gave all kinds of justification for why the article was released.

So now, Social Media has become a battle ground with a noise so loud that the New York Times and the Major Networks are dismayed that anyone would consider bypassing them to speak to the people of the US. Pompous and self-righteous reporters are offended. The cauldron brewing up new stories is stoked to the boiling point.

But the Social Media, long a source for fake news and false reporting itself, has become a place to try and offset some of the bias. We have the likes of Snopes to sort out fact from fiction and even they are biased, and this is being relied upon to get out the “truth”. Amazon, Yahoo and other internet players make no secret of their disdain for anyone who does not share their views. Starbucks coffee said if you believe only in same sex marriage, buy your coffee somewhere else. An intolerant view from someone expounding tolerance.

Once upon a time, maybe we were just naive, we felt we could trust our government, especially the FBI and the Attorney General. Now, they all live in the same pig sty, it seems. Politics is more important than the people. Any crime is ok because if these organizations get involved in corrupting themselves, their divine positions automatically make a lie the truth. The Party is more important than the truth.

I don’t know if Obama Care will self-destruct, or not. There seems to be a lot of evidence that it will. The Democrats would rather let it fail than repair it. Not one of them has any interest in saving it as they want single payer, government controlled healthcare. They would prefer that the Republicans change it so they get the blame and the Republicans are almost as inept as can be with no solidarity and lacking strong leadership. They are afraid they will not get re-elected. Sad faces like John McCain, a man who gave a lot for his country Once Upon A Time, is still trying to get over losing in the Presidential election a few years back, and he would rather fight against his own party than fight against the Democrats.

Once Upon a Time we had some integrity and statesmanship, but they would rather spend months trying to pin the Russian hacking and election tampering on an opposition party person than to lay it at the feet of the Russians. They would rather be on TV than solve the National Debt problem. That’s mainly because of their incompetence in dealing with difficult issues.

Maybe a united country pulling together is just another fairy tale now that will never come true. It may take a Fairy God Mother to solve these problems. Happy July 4th!



March 18,2017


 irrelevancy – the lack of a relation of something to the matter at hand

There comes a time that everything and, maybe everybody, probably reaches that point. The point that the “thing” or person no longer has any importance, value, or effect. Buggy whips would be an example. Few of us have any use for one. They serve no purpose and if anyone had one it would probably be in the attic or the old shed out back. A Polaroid camera might be another. I have one that I have had for about 40 years and I have my mother’s old one, too. The last time I tried to buy film it was about sixty five dollars a pack. Maybe they will have a comeback.

Sears, Macys, and Penneys may be on that list as well. Replaced by a computer click.

We see in the news that the President of the US now has no relevance. We have elevated the federal judges to be replacements for legislative and executive branches of our government and the Congress just functions as a place to debate the opposition. They are “representatives” of their own interests and agendas and parties.

In the meantime the people with the least accountability have the platforms and shape the mindset of the nation on national news channels and late night TV. The “American Dream” may be rendered irrelevant if we keep on this track.

Relocating the world’s problems and failed ideologies to the US seems to be the goal where in the past we saw the most industrious and those with a desire to “come to America and be an American” moving us forward.

The “middle class” is often talked about and many claim to have their interest at heart. The current Affordable Care Act has caused health care to become free to some and unaffordable for others. $27,000 a year for a self employed man with three kids and no one to turn to. Maybe we render the middle class as “irrelevant” too. Those that are getting it free demand that they continue to do so and don’t care who pays for it.

In Sandy Point people were self reliant for the most part. Grew their own food, managed their own affairs and found time to go to church and visit their family once in a while. None had any health insurance, that I recall, and a few had a life insurance policy. Those folks are now irrelevant too, I guess. And mostly gone.

John McCain, Nancy Pelosi and many others are out of touch with the world and have immunized themselves from their own mistakes, insured their own futures and have become irrelevant in the business of taking care of the America they were hired to protect and serve.


December 30, 2016

Sears is closing more stores and the experts say they will not survivelong term. Macy’s is closing 100 more stores in the next few weeks.Malls around the country could default on over 200 million in mortgage payments. Why?

I went to Macy’s with my wife to get a few things on Tuesday. We weren’t shopping, we were buying. One lady was working in the lady’s department with about 6 people in line. No help to be found.

I am “old fashioned” shopper and like buying my stuff in a store. But, that did not look like it was possible. So I did what millions of other people are doing: came home and ordered online and got the items Thursday. Conclusion: The high inventory, high rent mall store was not needed to fill my order. They have lost relevance.They do not offer more than my computer in terms of service. They should…but they don’t. I may have to become a “New Fashioned” shopper, after all.

December 27, 2016

It is hard to believe the year is ending. Another on the way.  The political year went on and on and this morning Hillary Clinton is still out on the campaign trail trying to explain how she is not going to be sworn in on January 20th as president and people are still protesting the political process. You might notice that it is always the losers that protest. The umpire that was lousy in the little league game from the loser’s point of view was just fine for the winners.

We’ll see how things go over the next four years. With low expectations on the part of many, maybe they will be delightfully surprised but they will likely never admit it. Never.

The news media has been Tweeted out of relevance and now they, too, are mad as wet hens. How dare this President send out news without going through them! What will they do with all of their news filters?

Whether you voted for the man or not, its time to wish, hope, and pray that he does a good job. You don’t even have to admit that you are doing it! Happy New Year!


by H. Jerome Chapman

November 15, 2016

Have you noticed the re-branding of America that has happened this week? The pollsters and TV commentators and many political types have gone the extra mile to put labels on voters. Its not just CNN, either. Its over at Fox news too. Its pollsters with all types of credentials that were paid millions and were wrong. It must be nice to have a job where you can charge big bucks, be wrong and not get fired or have to make a refund. Just move on to the next interview and start calling all those people that did not vote the way you wanted a name; a new label. Cover the next story that you help create.

While some news personalities are negotiating their $20 million contracts they are also explaining why they were wrong: about just about everything. Ruth Ginsberg said she might move to New Zealand, a land of about 5 Million primarily “European” people. Another code word. A tsunami hit there yesterday so, Ruth, you need to take warning. New Zealand may not want you. When you start talking about leaving, you may find it hard to find a better place to go to.

I heard about an American Jewish Doctor living abroad last week and his 8 year old came and asked if t was safe for them to come back to America since they were Jewish. He said he did not know how to answer her. How sad.For him. I could have answered her easily. Where else in the world would they be more safe and welcome than here? Not even Israel affords them the safety and security of the US, But instead, he wants her to be a “victim” and himself too.

But about 60 million Americans have been labeled “High School Educated” and that is being tossed around as another put down for millions of good Americans. I talked to a lot of those “High School Educated” people and they graduated from Law School, Medical School, Business School, some have PHD’s and were college professors. Some have successful businesses,are family people, and pay their bills and don’t tear down their neighbors property when things don’t go their way. And, by the way, many of the women I talked to are also “High School Educated” I guess. I haven’t seen any “good ole boys” among the protesters on TV driving around with jacked up pick ups and Rebel flags, either.

Being a protester is one thing. Being a thug is another. Now, there is a label for you. Protesters founded this country and much is said about The Boston Tea Party and its impact. But it was the “High School Educated” man at Concord Bridge and those freezing their butts off at Valley Forge that brought the change about. We probably would not like to go through that again especially when the “enemy” may be our brother or sister or neighbor who just sees things differently. This would be a sad place without the “High School Educated.” I quit watching CNN a long time ago and its time for Fox news to go. I’ll get my news from France 24. They don’t like any Americans I hear in France so we should all get equal treatment.

 November  13, 2016

Its five days after the election and many of us are stunned, some angry, some dismayed, most surprised and others analyzing the results to see how so many, including me, could have  missed seeing the outcome.

Then, we have those bent on fostering and promoting anarchy and violence. There are suggestions that many of these protesters are being paid. Whether that’s true or not I do not know but I would not be surprised that there are not some paid agitators involved.

I do believe that the rioters and looters are in the wings awaiting any opportunity to come out, whether its a hurricane, a flood, an earthquake or a unpopular political event.

What is at stake here is more than some TV sets and athletic shoes: if we let these thugs win the entire system is put at risk and being the cynic that I am, if these were Donald Trump supporters  rioting, the National Guard would have already been called out to quell the rioters. Its not the gun toting rednecks out there its the unenlightened and pampered crowd that has come to expect everything to be handed to them at no cost and a large number who have benefited from a failed political system that has permitted law violators to go unpunished for several years and to grow in numbers to represent a whole generation who have lived outside the law because politics and politicians have ripped out the pages of the Constitution they did not want to live by. We have sewn the wind and a whirlwind is coming.

October 30, 2016

The news is stranger than fiction. Twists, turns, and ups and down. Unbelievable!

When the FBI Director said there would be no charges against Mrs. Clinton, what a hero he was to the liberal elite. When he says they found 600,000 emails on the laptop of Mrs. Clinton’s right hand assistant and are pursuing them, well you would think he was a cop in an inner city who shoots a fleeing suspect. The lawman is branded the criminal and the criminal is the victim. The owner of the laptop swore under oath she did not possess any State material. She obviously lied. And, of course, has no idea how they got there. Unbelievable. Again.

September 5, 2016

Every week now; drip,drip,drip,drip.

The revelations on Hillary Clinton are startling.  In any business setting that I know of, a job applicant with a record like hers would be tossed in the trash without a second thought. A driver taking a driver’s test, as a metaphor, would never be given a driver’s license after failing all the basic requirements.

Mrs. Clinton has run the stop signs, driven up on the curb, hit a pedestrian, and sideswiped a  parked car. Her test would be given a failing grade in the simplest of situations. She failed the basics in her time as Secretary of State now she is applying for the job as President.

Lying is the only thing she seems to be consistent about. She certainly has the signs of dementia and I am increasingly qualified to discuss that topic since I live with that problem every day.

She doesn’t remember being briefed on security and handling of classified documents. She doesn’t recall being told that a “C” on a document means “Classified”. She doesn’t remember. She didn’t know. She never emailed a classified document on her private email.

She is a Liberal Liar and they are in favor today. The public has a fascination with her and her husband that surpasses any normal understanding. No, she never mishandled any classified documents, she let her aides do it for her. She was busy raising money from foreigners and Wall Street and the Wall Street crowd can’t give her money fast enough as late as last week.

I’m sorry that the Republican Party is so screwed up. But I can’t imagine anyone observing this election who could possibly vote for the incompetent Hillary Clinton. She would not be considered for a similar position anywhere  based on her record. she wouldn’t be allowed in a WalMart store manager job, or a branch bank manager, or Church Treasurer job. She can’t be trusted.

But it takes more than a Tweet  to understand what’s going on today and in the past year Mrs. Clinton has avoided all news conferences. Why, I don’t know. The media darling will not be asked any serious questions. It seems we like being lied to. And we will elect the likes of Hillary Clinton to prove it.

August 1, 2016

On the 29th of July there was a runoff election in Cobb County Ga for chairperson of the County Commission. Tim Lee, the incumbent, was soundly defeated. The issue that cost him his job in the mind of the voters was the new Sun Trust Stadium that many felt was slimed through to get approval. Of course the entire commission had to approve the deal but by the time they voted the Chairman had them in so deep there was little chance of getting out. Hopefully, as time goes by those other member that voted for the deal will be ousted too.

Imagine it being called Sun Trust Park when the citizens of Cobb County are making a charitable contribution of $400,000,000 and that will be just the down payment. This will become the largest charity for the benefit of multimillionaires in the County. All the while the citizens are being told how lucky they are to have this facility to play baseball in about 83 days a year. But, to hear Lee and the charity recipients tell it the benefits are immeasurable. They are: to the Braves organization and probably to Tim Lee. The Braves will be standing there year after year with a new must have request just like they were in the old stadium in Atlanta that was built for the Olympics in 1996. Bulldozers will be lining up to take care of that place before long.

I pray for the people using Cobb Parkway on game days, The road is bumper to bumper in the afternoons now and will be a nightmare on evenings of a game. Millions are being spent to route traffic in and out and condos and apartments are filling up the space around that area. They had better plan on staying home the day of a game.

In Rio, they are having the Olympics and they too are being told how good this will be. They are 59% over budget and have apartments that are not safe to stay in and raw sewerage flowing in to the bay and today people were told not to put their head under the water in Rio. And, there is the Zika virus.

The Oxford university has been doing a study on what is turning out to be a myth that these Olympics are a God send. No doubt they can help a city’s image if they are successful but there is much doubt emerging that they really pay off financially. The average is 156% over budget for these Olympics and the costs associated with them are often as obscure as the gains claimed.

The raw sewerage in Rio can’t be fixed because of  4.6 Billion dollar deficit and they hope to get it fixed in 10 years. But they could undertake a debacle like these Olympics are turning out to be.

Why do these things happen? Egos of men and women who want to leave a legacy. Even if the legacy is debt and raw sewerage.

Good bye, Tim Lee. And Good Riddance. Hopefully there are more to follow you on your exit.

© 2016

June 25, 2016

Where are you going? A lot of celebs have said if certain people get elected they are leaving the country but few tell us where they are going. I think I have found the place for us all to move. A place as close to the Garden of Eden as we can get. Colorado! They have those marijuana stores for those so inclined and a lot of people are going there on weekend trips and moving there permanently. A lot of homeless have already moved there, not withstanding the increased driving under the influence cases. For us fly fishermen there are the Frying Pan and Roaring Fork and then there is Aspen for the skiers. The current situation gives new meaning to John Denver’s song, Rocky Mountain High. Now….the coup de gras… Universal Health Care will soon be voted on. See any doctor and the state will pay for your insurance. Their current state budget is $30 Billion. The health care plan is estimated to cost $25 Billion. So you can see, for people of faith, that area seems to be covered too. Faith they can come up with an additional $25 Billion ( for starters ). I know I have a suitcase here somewhere. See you in Basalt!

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May 26, 2016

Many people heard the then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi when she said that the Obamacare ( unAffordable Health Care Act ) needed to be passed and then we could all, including her and all of Congress,  find out what was in it. To a lot of us, I believe, we assumed that was a once in a lifetime occurrence: the US Government approving something without a clue how it will work.

Well, a new report out in the past few days says we are all pretty naive if we believe that. Take, for example, the F-35 Fighter program. Said to be a must have system by the Pentagon and the military brass, it started in 2001 and about $400 Billion has been spent and so far 10 units are approved, marginally, for use. And now, it seems, it will probably be another two years before the planes can be expected to be in any sort of general use, if they are lucky.

One report says that the problems are being uncovered at a faster rate than they can be corrected. The 10 that have been accepted by the Marine Corp were approved without some of the issues being fixed which is clearly a Pentagon move to reassure everyone that progress, even though the truth is stretched, is being made. The fact is, Marine Corps jets don’t do a lot of combat anyway.

So after 15 years, the system won’t work. Its as simple as that. And, maybe after 17 years, some will be in service. This has to be the biggest scam selling job in history! The US and 6 other nations have been suckered into this money pit failure.

The F-22 Raptor has proven to be full of problems and that program was cancelled due to the costs. The 180+ planes are sitting around doing very little, from all indications. Many of the F-22 pilots are back flying the old reliable F-15’s. Other people’s money and no accountability.

Has anyone gotten fired over the F-22 or F-35 program? More likely they all got bonuses for maintaining their consistency.

© 2016 JC

April 15th, 2016

The degree to which we have become addicted to cell phones is not fully understood, I would suppose. It is not at all uncommon to hear a man in conversation with someone while standing at a urinal, sitting on a toilet, and, I would assume, while having sex. And, without so much as an excuse me.

Yesterday, AMC theaters announced they were considering removing the ban on texting in their theaters.  It seems a 2 hour span without using the text messaging service may cause some severe withdrawal issues. So, you pay $30 to take your sweetie to the movie and the person next to you is in a full blown text exchange with God knows whom. And, that is endorsed by the theater company.

Thankfully, I never have to go to a movie theater again. I usually go to see the very latest release and its a little special occasion to get out of the house. But I can pass on that if it is no longer a fun experience.

Most of the movies being release today are quickly available on cable TV On Demand or some other source and I can watch them cheaper and not have to put up with a texter sitting next to me.

I don’t care for the high tech reclining chairs that you have to try to adjust in the dark with confusing buttons, as it is. My wife’s feet won’t touch the floor so we have to try and find a comfort spot. If I have to endure a texting marathon, well, that will about end movie going for me.  I can’t believe even the most habitual texter would not find it offensive to have that going on on all sides while Jennifer Lawrence is making out with some guy on the big screen. We have to draw some lines some where. Hello, Netflix!

March 31, 2016

As the facts continue to emerge from the Brussels bombing and the Paris attacks from earlier, there is a common thread that runs between them. Apart from the fact that the terrorists are linked and working together, we see that both of these cities have provided safe havens for radicals to function and hide. Sections of the cities that have been written off by the authorities for many reasons, not the least is the liberal political correctness that is growing around the world. Crime, poverty, unemployment, and lack of policing have made for an explosive mixture. And, the criminals know they can run back to those areas and have demonstrated that they will be hidden for weeks without anyone turning them in.

The Muslim community wants everyone to believe they are peace loving and wish no harm to anyone. One way to show that to be a reality would be to not allow crime and terrorist to function in their community. To make it known that criminals will be turned in and reported and will not be welcomed.

Until these areas, and they are a growing factor around the world, no longer harbor, condone, and encourage terrorists, they cannot change the increasing world distrust.  And it must be assumed that if the community is not actively involved, they are complicit in their silence.

March 5, 2016

The Worst of The Worst

One would think that in the USA, when time came to elect a President, there would be dozens of wonderful candidates that are not under some cloud of suspicion and without some  previous misconduct, and someone that held traditional American values. Someone we could trust, follow their guidance, and respect.

The truth is, we have people like that but they cant’t get elected or won’t run because of the ill effects it can have on themselves and their families. And, the public doesn’t respond to them.

So here we are in 2016 with the absolute worst of the worst and one of them will become President. How sad.


February 25, 2016

“Say it ain’t so, Joe”

Well, it seems there is a Supreme Court Justice position open and the President has to go about getting a new person nominated. Scalia  had not gotten  good and cold before the political wrangling got  into  full swing.

Several leading Democrats have denounced the GOP for saying they want to wait until after the elections to select a new justice. Then, old videos of a much younger Joe Biden, who among others, was saying that same thing when the shoe was on the other foot. That darn video taping stuff has a way of coming back on you.

Of course, Joe Biden is now saying that what he said isn’t really what he said and he really meant something else. Now, I’ll bet you that you thought lying and deception and being in dishonest in a government position just started yesterday. No it did not start yesterday and I wasn’t born then, either.

January 24, 2016

The Oscars Flap

I am hardly the one to talk about “The Oscars” since I have no idea how Oscar recipients are selected or who does it. I go to movies purely for the entertainment value and do not take a grading chart with me.

I went to see the new Vacation Movie recently and got up and left after about 10 minutes. I thought it was awful, especially since I had seen all the Chevy Chase versions and laughed my rear end off. Many movies that I have enjoyed, some several times, don’t win any Oscars at all and that tells me that I am not on the same page with the Oscar  people.

The current issue about discrimination against blacks  may be correct, There may be an actual bias among those in that group  by those  selecting winners and its as simple as that.

I guess we are now at the same place with “The Oscars” as we are with little league sports: everybody should get a trophy no matter how badly they played. Even on the losing team, and by the way, lets not have any winners and losers. And, of course, if the population is 27% black, then surely 27% of the Oscars should go to black people, even if they don’t have any roles in movies  that year. Asians, American Indians, Koreans, Japanese, Chineses, et al should expect the same treatment, even though they are not complaining at the moment.

The reality, who cares about the Oscars? I am sure that some people watch the Oscars for the “Creative Process” value. But, I suspect more people watch to see who has on the most revealing outfit or the stupidest looking one than about the creative genius displayed in the movie. The egos need feeding in Hollywood, I suppose, even though the actor got paid a gazillion dollars for their work.

So, my suggestion is that we give everybody that appears in a movie an Oscar and have a lottery run by the Iranians to draw names out of a hat to see which lucky actors get to be on TV that night, making sure that when the drawing is over, the right demographics are represented.  Or, they keep drawing until they are.

But, if there are not enough blacks in rolls to get the required percentage number, the President could just pick some “Deserving Person” by Executive Order to receive an Oscar. A truck driver, a rapper, or whomever. It would not make any difference to me. Just like it doesn’t now.

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin

January  20, 2016

Of all the dumb things that Trump could have done! To align himself with the loser Sarah Palin. If he wanted out of the race, all he had to do was say so. That’s about all I can say on that one.

Canada, Justin Trudeau, and Terrorists

January 12, 2016

Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister in Canada just a few days ago. The leftist, liberal Trudeau appealed to the population in Canada and won fair and square, as far as I know.

He made it known immediately that he would be withdrawing Canadian warplanes from the Syrian area and reducing support against the terrorists in that region. He then makes it clear that Syrian Refugees are not only welcome, but invited, to come to Canada. Picture showed him greeting the first of them at the airport.

The next news we hear, Muslim Terrorists are attacking a bar in Calgary. Only because the bouncers there heroically overpowered the armed attacker was more damage done.

A few years back, Canada welcomed a lot of Chinese as things were changing in Hong Kong. The Chinese came, many with money, and educations and with no malice in their hearts. I have heard of no Chinese Terrorist activties there. But, just a note to Mr. Trudeau: Syrian refugees are not Hong Kong refugees. There will be a price to pay.

Syrian Refugees and Terrorism

January 8, 2016

The news today is about two fellows that came to the US from Syria and got involved with ISIS and terrorism.  These two seem to vindicate all those who feel that allowing Syrians to come here as refugees with no accurate way to “check them out” or, the modern day word, vet them is a major mistake. These guys are now infiltrating, with various governments assisting them, almost every western country on the planet. The very countries and peoples they have such disdain for as a culture.

The concern that is expressed by those that are concerned is how to prevent these refugees from becoming radicalized. In reality, I believe the majority of these folks are “radicalized” from birth and what is necessary is the opportunity and means for them to be activated.

The President of the United States is a Muslim Sympathizer if not a practicing Muslim. Unfortunately, being a Muslim is more than professing a “faith” or a “religion” but is a profession of ones political and social convictions as well.  The religion and the politics are one, no separation of “church and state” for them. With the current administration, every Muslim is a “good” Muslim and every American is evil and needs to be put in their place. More tolerance of people who truly hate America and what it stands for, according to them, is what the world needs. The number one enemy of the US, Iran, will be  given millions of dollars and nuclear weapons. No wonder the few allies we have don’t understand us or trust us.

The fellow who shot the policeman this week several times while sitting in his patrol  car apparently used a police department gun stolen from a policeman. No background check required.

So, we’ll pass more laws and Exec Actions against US Citizens and open the door to more and more of our enemies with no background checks and no record of what bomb making school they went to. No wonder gun sales are through the roof!

Chicago And The Mayor Emanuel

There are calls from the residents of Chicago for Mayor Emanuel to resign. The shooting death of a young black man by the police and the video showing this event have ignited a firestorm and the mayor is feeling some heat.

Mayor Emanuel has much bigger plans, I would guess, and a bad showing in Chicago would not bode well for a man who would like to be king.  So he is fighting back and is now giving a plan for making the police better in Chicago. They will get some sensitivity training, rely less on their guns and be given 1400 more tasers. The solution, in other words, for Chicago’s ills lies in the cops being better at their jobs.

So far in 2015 there have been 480 homicides in Chicago and 2973 shooting victims.Chicago has a very diverse population with the fifth largest population of foreign born residents in the US and 19.6 % of the people there live below the poverty line. Just a side note, there are 10,000 Iranians in Chicago.

While having the police more polite, less trigger happy, and more Taser prone may reduce some tension between the police and the citizens, it is not likely to do much for the behavior of the citizens.

Where are the voices that will be involved in helping solve the many underlying issues there, seething below the surface? I am not a fan of Rahm Emanuel, but removing him is not likely to do much for those underlying, long standing and growing issues that have come to be the norm in so many of our cities. A generation of broken homes, fatherless families, and poverty. Homes and communities that lack of supervision and direction and an environment that fosters tearing down rather than building up. One that teaches animosity and separation rather than  values of self worth and personal responsibility. A place of despair rather than hope.

When will there be a day when people stop preaching that the problems of today are all about the mistakes of yesterday? On Wednesday December 30th on BBC a prominent black classical musician said in an interview that she was part of a successful program in Baltimore to get black children involved in classical music and then says that violence is the only way to bring about change in places like Baltimore and the BBC interviewer said she understood having seen the many images of blacks being “gunned down” by the government in the US.

At least the police will be nice while they are hiding behind their cars as the bullets fly in Chicago and Baltimore and the other cities where anarchy is rampant.

California School Threat

December 16, 2015

It will probably be a few days before we really know what happened on the threat called in to LA schools yesterday. Already, some are saying the officials were too quick to fall for what may have been a hoax and even New York officials were on TV criticizing the LA folks for being too hasty.

It is a no win situation for the LA folks and, in this case, the NY officials look pretty smart for ignoring the same threat. Thankfully, no actual events took place and all were safe.

But, we see how the terror tactics of a relatively few can divide and debilitate. The cost to the city and the population there will be hard to measure but even the people who had no kids in school there were caught up in the paralysis of the day in one way of another.

The US likes to play by a certain set of rules and political correctness is more and more setting the methods in the playbook.  The President, while he may not be a practicing Muslim, is certainly sympathetic to their way of life and is willing to do every thing to cater to their wishes. The years he spent in and around the religious and political views of Islam shaped who he is today. Indonesia, where he lived as a child, is the largest of the Muslim countries and a lot of the views had to rub off on him.

We have used the “drone” approach and the “radicals” have continued their murderous ways. Now, an email from unknown origins can bring us to a stop. We are one backpack away from bad outcomes, even though the Presidential prejudice toward American gun owners continues to be expounded.

If the President can make the people in Cuba happy and be a hero on the Global Warming stage, he does not worry about the debris he leaves behind at home. A hundred years from now, when we see what has happened in the global warming area, we can all bow down and look toward Mecca, go to the Mosque for instructions, and read about the “freedom” that was once enjoyed in the USA……maybe it will be allowed. But, I guess by then Sainthood will not be available for previous presidents.


Politics and Islam
Just a few weeks ago, it seems, we were talking about cops and shootings. Then we talked about email servers at Hillary’s. It was jobs and the economy. Then along came Paris.
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Syria and Libya and Yemen. Bombings in Algeria and Chad. Rockets on Gaza. Airliners were being blown out of the sky in Egypt. All this seemed so far away and the US stood ready to welcome every soul on earth to the warmth and safety of the good ole USA.
Then, along came San Bernardino and the world changed. The focus changed. And our security and safety and warm feelings changed to fear, apprehension and suspicion. And the politicians began to seize the moment to expound the dangers we face and their solutions. The various high level and highly paid people started scrambling to explain how such a thing could happen in the home of the free and the land of the brave.
Today, arrests were made in Minneapolis. It seems there is a huge Somalian community there that hates America (See Immigrants, a Perspective on my blog). They are plotting to murder and kill the same people who have extended a helping hand to them. Why?
Maybe they don‘t like the cold weather and snow. They would change that if they could.
Maybe they don’t like all the Scandinavian people there that have settled there in years past. They would change that if they could.
Maybe they don’t like the idea of hard work and American values that that area represents. They would change that if they could.
You see, they came here, supposedly, for a better life away from war and death and poverty in Somalia. Supposedly.
But, in reality, it is the only way of life many of them know and they want to have their old life and their “radical” Muslim faith and the people in Minnesota are standing in their way of that happiness.
We see all of the Muslims rallying around these past few days saying how wonderful they are and peace loving. More since Donald Trump called for blocking all Muslims from entering the country. Suddenly, they feel the need to speak out against such a horrible suggestion.

But, where have they been in San Bernardino since the two (or three or more) “radicals” started building bombs in their garage since 2012. Looking the other way, I believe.
The news media went wild about Trump’s proclamation. How dare he trample on the Constitution and even suggest that a whole group of people be barred.
Most of the news media was not born or was in diapers when Jimmy Carter did that when he was President and the clamor has quieted down as the facts have been explained. And, it seems, people in Syria are NOT under the protection of the US Constitution.

Now, the “dagger in the heart” that the news media was describing this to be for Trump has propelled him to the forefront, bolstered his poles and gotten the Islamic Community’s attention. They have to do more than tell us they are peaceful people. They have to step up and make a difference.
In the meantime, this country, liberal and conservative and independent have to come to grips with the fact that none of them would exist for very long in a Muslim world. Just look at the world and it is not a matter of argument. Facts are facts.
If you get a baby lion and raise it in your house. It becomes a big lion. And it will have the natural tendencies of a lion. Muslims will tolerate non-Muslims as long as necessary to achieve their goals of taking over. Community by community. City by city. State by state.

One day, mark my words, a Muslim Flag will be flying over the White House and the Congressional Halls. The Supreme Court and the EPA.
Why? Because that is what they are working for in all of these Islamic States that hate us. And, the State is the religion and the religion is the State in the land of Muslims.
That is a political opinion and a non-politically correct one. But, I do believe it to be accurate.

December 7, 2015

Gun Permits and Gun Sales 2105 YTD
Alabama Permits 214,844, Handgun sales 196,129, Long Guns, 142,365
Georgia Permits 162,418, Handguns Sales 154,471, Long Guns,
California Permits 754,466, Handguns Sales 403.423, Long Guns 294,365
Illinois Permits 715,118, Handguns sales 215,785, Long Guns 126,014
Kentucky (?) 2,665,818 Permits, Handguns 103,131. Long Guns 89647
Source: FBI
Near me there is a gun store that has about 400 feet of sales counter space and probably 2 dozen sales people. On Saturday you have to stand in line. Obama has done wonders for the gun business! And, we have the largest set of computers in the world in Utah to track terrorist. That should make us rest easier at night.

Today, Homeland Security announced they were going to announce a new Terror Alert Warning System.I think the highest level will be “Duck You Sucker”, from a James Coburn movie by the same name.

We will soon institute new “Pipe Registration”, “Pressure Cooker Registration”, “Backpack Registration”, and “Knife Registration” regulations.

The only thing not registered will be “Islamic Terrorists”. They will not show their face for ID’s.

December 5, 2015

San Bernardino Shooting

Heads could roll!

The FBI Director and, perhaps, the Attorney General put their jobs on the line yesterday. After much agonizing, the FBI took over the investigation in the terrible San Bernardino shooting.  And, they have labeled it a Terrorist Act. The pressure was on from the media for the Feds to accept the obvious.

This could not have set well with the Obama Administration as they so wanted this to be “Workplace Violence.”  To the dead and wounded and their families, this is of little consequence but to an administration with an agenda to cater to the Middle Eastern countries, this is an embarrassment. Whether it is immigration or the Keystone pipeline decision or a failed from the start Iran Nuclear Deal, this administration does not wish any harm to come to its goal to become the savior of the region. Keep the oil dollars going there to finance their support of the “Enemies of The State”.

The ISIS group has thrown up some barriers to this goal and is making the White House have to deal with a very unwanted and unpleasant situation. They cannot even use the words “Arab Extremist or Islamic Extremist”.  So, it would not surprise me to see some changes at the FBI…….soon!

A news conference held by the “terrorists” families was very interesting as the two attorneys kept using the words “Alleged” shooters. I believe any sane onlooker would have to be able to drop the “alleged” political correctness crap! They were dead in a vehicle in a shootout recorded for everyone to see and shot up with 380 police rounds.

December 4, 2015

While President Obama was talking Global Warming, things got pretty hot right here at home! The current problem: how to cover a terrorist attack as a  workplace problem. How to explain how this person was traveling to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and learning how to make bombs with his wife and no one knew anything about it! Even with acres of computers out there in Utah! How to explain a house full of bombs when we have all these “Bomb Control” laws in place.


December 3, 2015

The shootings in California are another stark demonstration of what  terrible things can be wrought when people hate enough. The two, if it turns out it was only two, people involved set out to kill and to kill the weakest people they could find! We have yet to know their “real” motive but one can surmise. Some say it related to a beef the guy had with someone there at that facility. It appears to me that he wanted to kill some people and he was familiar with this place and the fact that they would get little resistance there from a group that was totally vulnerable.

News reports say that the male went to Saudi Arabia early this year or last year and came back with a wife. The same wife he died with yesterday. I can only conclude that she was already “radicalized” and prepped to do damage when she arrived here. A sort of “Off the Shelf” accomplice.

The heinous nature of this crime is apparent to everyone and there is a call for action on guns, again. Eliminating guns may help but in the world of terrorism, I would like for us to remember that the largest terrorist attack in the us came in the form of airliners! The second largest, in Oklahoma City, came in the form of a Ryder Truck.

Around the world, truck bombs, car bombs, motorcycle bombs, suicide vests and pipe bombs are a regular tools of destruction. Hatred can be channeled into many forms of violence. In Boston, it was pressure cookers.

Instead of the media showing the “cool” looking Ninja warrior styled ISIS fighters, they should show the two from California in the manner of a dead western outlaw, full of bullet holes or the thumb and forefingers of the suicide bombers. That might not have the same sales appeal as the Ninja Warrior look. And, it eliminates 10 years of court trials and appeals and having to hear about the sad plight of the perpetrators and their Global Warming problems back home that drove them to this awful deed.

There is evil afoot.

There is evil afoot.

 November 25, 2015

So the Turkish Air Force shot down a Russian Jet. That was pretty gutsy or stupid. We’ll see which as the days go by. But I have a few observations.

The strip of land where Turkey showed the plane crossing their border is 10 miles across. A small appendage that sticks down toward Syria.

Turkey says they warned the plane 10 times. The plane was in low speed mode because the wings were out and not in the folded back position for supersonic flight. At 300 MPH it would take about 2 minutes to cross the 10 mile stretch. They said they reacted in 17 seconds to shoot.

Very few pilots in today’s world are authorized to shoot and especially if it is a Russian jet. That order would have come from an Air Commander somewhere, maybe all the way to the prime minister’s office.
You do not acquire a target, warn them 10 times and fire in 17 seconds under normal conditions. And to then warn them 10 times? Come on!

That plane had been targeted and acquired before it entered Turkish air space and the approval to shoot already given. Probably with the sanction of the US government. Just wait and see! Putin was being sent a message by NATO, the US and Turkey. We’ll see who learns what!

November 22, 2015

I wonder if poverty is the cause of Islamic extremism or is Islamic Extremism the cause of poverty.
Indonesia is the largest Muslim populated country with 204 Million and has an average income of $1100. Pakistan is second with 178 Million Muslims and the average income $1200. ( These are annual income figures ) India with 171 Million Muslims has an average income of $1250. Bangladesh with 145 Million has an income of $1190 and in Nigeria with 75 Million it is $1100. Bali, where the shooting took place yesterday, has a population of about 4 Million and is predominately Hindu but is a province of Indonesia.

While Persia ( Iran ) is often considered the cradle of civilization, it seems that they fight and struggle all the time, not to move forward, but to go backward. Women’s rights and Sharia Law with its brutal approaches to law. Saudi Arabia is a country that promotes Sharia Law.

We have come to a point where religious “tolerance” in the US and certain other “western” countries means allowing all religions to practice openly and freely with the exception of Christianity and perhaps Judaism. People with their faces covered have argued that they should be allowed to have their ID on their driver’s license that way.

Instead of “immigrants” being expected to adapt to the ways of the country they relocate to, they expect to live with the same language, customs, rules and values as they left home with. The “melting pot” is becoming more and more a “boiling cauldron” with poverty and hatred. And violence waiting right under the surface.

November 19, 2015

It seems to me that to many in the world the idea of moving to another country today does not carry with it the notion that the person(s) moving may have to adapt to the norms and cultures of the new society.  The expectation now seems  to be that the US will do whatever is necessary to accommodate the new arrivals.

No culture that is continually diluted can survive. There is no “single-mindedness” . Paris is an example of “cities” within cities. And that will be a growing problem here.

Isn’t it strange that people leave “bad” environments  only to come here and want to establish that same environment here that they found so terrible where they just left. One that enables the same evil to exist?

November 13, 2015

I watched some very interesting and very disturbing things in the news the last few days. One young lady being interviewed explained how her group wanted a 1,000,000 student march to get free college and forgiveness of all college loans. Neil Cavuto had her on and she explained that the 1%er’s could afford to pay for all this with new taxes. Cavuto pointed out that if we took ALL of the 1% money, it would fund college for three years. Then what?

You see, she is looking at how to get HER tuition paid, not realizing that someday, if she ever got a job, she might be asked to pay 60-70% in taxes to cover the next generation’s college. Some of these students have been so brainwashed by the leftwing professors, who are themselves part of the socialist “lifetime pay” guarantee tenure programs, that they  see only the “getting side”, not the “giving” side. She had no answer for where the money would come from only that she wanted some of it.

Cavuto’s You can see that interview on this site.

Then, there is the out of control left wing professor at the Missouri college. These people are totally opposed to anyone who would  challenge their opinion or position. The left wing liberals are increasingly willing to cut off any debate that is not their view. Free speech? Not for them.

I hope that there are some conservative values being taught because conservatives seem to be the only ones willing to listen to another opinion. Liberal colleges are afraid to allow open disagreement on their campuses. Instead they wish to boo and shout down differing viewpoints.

When the tax rate gets to 75% as would please the young lady on the college tuition issue, a person making $200,000 would effectively be making $50,000.  I wonder if she got a job working her butt off that was a $200,000 job and she was told they were only going to pay her $50,000 if she would like that.

Give away all you can…..only make it someone else’s money….. not mine!

I think free college might could be earned, similar to the Air Force Academy or West Point.  Sign up to work for little or no money for a program like the CCC Camp or WPA. Build some bridges, take care of sick people, do maintenance work and you get a public college education. Then, put a freeze on college costs. Don’t allow colleges to keep paying more and more and charging more and more if they have anyone there on public assistance. Every college aid program results in higher tuition being charged. They are smart cookies at those schools!

And  I agree with Bill O’reilly : Where are the “Black Lives Matter” people in Chicago when a 9 year old is gunned down in an alley? Black lives should matter when they are shot by another black person, shouldn’t they? The biggest killer of Black Americans is Black Americans! Where are the voices?


November 8, 2015

Yesterday we saw he President, Vice President and John Kerry announcing the “no go’ on the Pipe Line from Canada. I don’t like feeling this way but I have come to believe that if those guys are pushing it it must be the wrong thing to do.  I wonder why we would not want to be totally independent of the Middle Eastern oil sources.? What hold do they have on our politicians to insure we keep buying their product when not one of the is really our friend, Might I remind you that Osama bin Laden was from Saudi Arabia and so were the 911 hijackers.

I realize the need to try to minimize human impact on the climate change. ( Although most of the extreme climate changes throughout the ions had no human involvement). But we don’t necessarily have to use more oil just because we get it somewhere other than from our enemies.

We have only one real “friend” in that region an the current president hates their guts, it appears. The background of the President has always been anti American.  His father certainly was no American supporter. And living in Indonesia with his oil company stepfather did not help either. Yet, there he is. Change is his middle name. Change everything to better accommodate the wishes of those who would destroy us.







November 4, 2015

On The Backs Of The Middle Class

All we hear is how the politicians are going to do something for the “middle class”. Hillary, Obama, an all the rest keep saying as how the middle class needs some help. Yet the actions they take seriously affect the middle class in negative ways. Especially those in the middle class  trying to run a small business.

In case you have not heard from your insurance company, your insurance is going up! A lot, in most cases! While they talk about making insurance “affordable” for some they have made it impossible for others. One guy who builds houses for a living says no more insurance. Can’t afford it. He will use the emergency room like the undocumented ( it is impolite to say illegal ) aliens. Why not?

My son has a premium of $1900 per month! And on Herman Cain’s show people were talking about $2500 per month! These rate increases on the low incomes won’t matter as they get a subsidy from some unknown money source. Bill Gates and Ted Turner don’ worry about little $2000 insurance pemiums. Who does? The “middle class” working stiffs. You’d probably be better off on unemployment and getting your health insurance free.

The American Dream, if your are born in this country, may be becoming just that……a dream.

But, if you are a government official….you are on

the dole for LIFE.


October 8, 2015

Weight loss is a boring topic. Weight loss is not fun. Weight loss is HARD!

If you like Oreo’s, like I do and you like ice cream, like I do, well I feel badly for you.  Neither of these items are helpful on a weight loss program! Unless you stop eating them!

I stood in front of a mirror and came to a difficult decision: the picture was not pretty! So I embarked on losing some weight for the 1st time in my life. Then I started looking at calories and exercise. Boring stuff.

Two Oreos are considered a “serving” of Oreos. That’s 140 calories. I asked someone who in the world would eat just two Oreos and they responded, “Someone who does not like Oreos!” I had always considered a “bag of Oreos” a serving. Why in the world would they package up all those delicious cookies in one bag if they weren’t meant to be eaten at one time?

18 pounds and counting! But zero Oreos!


October 3, 2015

Do you see what I see? Russian planes flying in Syria and Iran moving in support for the Syrian government. No one knows who’s bombing what or whom and the people are pouring out of there to become massive problems for other countries.

We stand side by side with the Russians one day and they are launching “surprise” raids the next. We are on the verge of releasing a $Billion to the Iranians.

We are seeing the Clinton/Kerry/Obama foreign policy in action! And, we are bombing hospitals in Afghanistan.

You probably won’t see the President talking about outlawing bombs and drones. What a mess. A ship without a rudder, no course, no captain! Where will we end up?

Russian planes and American planes shooting at one another?

I think we should call a meeting. Have a press conference. And “Declare Victory” one more time.


October 1, 2015

First, It is hard to believe it is October! On the 28th, I was retired 8 years and I can’t believe that, either. More and more, I see things that are hard to believe. I guess it is my naivety .

But, what I really cannot fathom is how the second largest car manufacturer in the world deliberately set up its cars to give false readings on emissions tests. Only a few units of sales kept VW from being #1 in sales in 2014 with over 10 million units sold worldwide.

I would have loved to been a speck on the wall when that decision was made. Can you imagine? The President or the CEO or some high up executive must have asked, ” How can we get these cars to pass the test so we can sell more, especially in the US?”

Notice, the question was not “How do we get the cars to emit less pollutants? ”

An IT guy ( or gal) says they can solve the problem. Not an engineer who works on engines! A software engineer.  Rework some code, use the same parts and assemble them the same way. And sell, baby, sell!

But VW sold more than cars, They sold their integrity. I believe that is harder to earn back than a sales ranking.


Sept 30, 2015

The situation in Syria now has global implications. For quite a while, it was just some people in a Middle Eastern Country killing each other and people did not pay a lot of attention to it. A few hundred thousand dead here and there in that region is not too unusual, after all.

Now the waves of immigrants, or refugees if you prefer, are rolling over the borders and shores of Europe and soon to be here. When will it end, nobody knows.

We were quick to assist in  ousting  the Egyptian regime that had been loyal to the US. Quick to jump in in Libya.  We were quick to jump in in Afghanistan, and like the Russians before us, have found that they are a difficult country to bring to its knees.

Now, Russia has made Syria a focal point in their strategy. Fighter jets, transports, artillery and manpower. No one will be willing to take them on. No one.

Look for more  refugees, more assistance requests, and more people dying in Syria.  Maybe we can get Cuba to take some of the refugees. We seem to be getting all those problems straightened out. Now how much was it that Mr. Castro said he wanted:  A $Trillion?

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John Boehner‘s resignation was a surprise to me. And, to most  I believe, although the usual  “experts” have been heard saying they could see it coming. Mr. Boehner is probably a decent guy.

Like many, if not most, in Washington he had become ineffective. There are simply too many people in the Republican Party “pulling against the traces”.  They can’t seem to get their act together.

No matter what else can be said about the Dems, they pull together, even if its right over the cliff!

I think we would be better off if about 500 more people up there followed Boehner’s example. For once in his career, Mr. Boehner has set an example for Congress to follow: A little late, perhaps, but who knows?  Maybe he is showing the way! He has been there 24 years and in my view that’s about 16 years too long for any member of congress. One 8 year term is enough, then get a real job!



Elections and Candidates

Maybe its just me, but I wonder what it would be like in our political “process” today to have candidates that you would choose to vote for based upon whom was the best person for the job rather than having to vote for “The Least Worst”.

And I would like for the media to report the news about them and let me decide which one I want to vote for rather than CBS, NBC, FOX, and CNN trying to make me see them as they want me to.

Money can’t buy love, someone said. Some would say it doesn’t buy happiness. But it does buy politicians and elections.


Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can be a long, stressful, and intensely emotional journey. In the United States, there are about 15 million people caring for someone with dementia, and millions of others around the world. As there is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, and only limited medical treatments available.


According to Alzheimer’s Association


“Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States and the only cause of death among the top 10 in the United States that cannot be prevented, cured or even slowed.”

Do you know the difference between Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

If you would like to know more about this subject, you can visit:

WWW. Alzheimers.net

The article below is from their website.

Do You Know The Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Home > Resources > Difference Between Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are often used interchangeably as many people believe that one means the other. In fact, the distinction between the two diseases often causes confusion on the behalf of patients, families and caregivers. Discover how the two diagnoses, while related, are remarkably different.
Alzheimer’s and dementia are still a mystery in many ways. This is why the two similar diseases are often mixed up in every day conversation and understanding. According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), Dementia is a brain disorder that affects communication and performance of daily activities and Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia that specifically affects parts of the brain that control thought, memory and language.

Read on to discover more particulars on how the two diseases vary and why there’s still a lot of scientific research needed—as well as public awareness—around these world-wide epidemics.

What is dementia?

Dementia is an umbrella term for a set of symptoms including impaired thinking and memory. It is a term that is often associated with the cognitive decline of aging. However, issues other than Alzheimer’s can cause dementia. Other common causes of dementia are Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

According to the Center for Disease Control, Alzheimer’s disease is a common cause of dementia causing as many as 50 to 70% of all dementia cases. In fact, Alzheimer’s is a very specific form of dementia. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s include impaired thought, impaired speech, and confusion. Doctors use a variety of screenings to determine the cause of dementia including blood tests, mental status evaluations and brain scans.

How Are They Different?

When a person is diagnosed with dementia, they are being diagnosed with a set of symptoms. This is similar to someone who has a sore throat. Their throat is sore but it is not known what is causing that particular symptom. It could be allergies, strep throat, or a common cold. Similarly, when someone has dementia they are experiencing symptoms without being told what is causing those symptoms.

Another major difference between the two is that Alzheimer’s is not a reversible disease. It is degenerative and incurable at this time. Some forms of dementia, such as a drug interaction or a vitamin deficiency, are actually reversible or temporary.

Once a cause of dementia is found appropriate treatment and counseling can begin. Until a proper diagnosis is made, the best approach to any dementia is engagement, communication and loving care.

The Need for More Public Awareness and Research Funding

While the differences between Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are clear to families dealing with the diseases, more public awareness is needed to differentiate between the two. Further understanding of what exactly causes Alzheimer’s disease will help to clear any confusion and hopefully lead to better treatments plans and, ultimately, a cure.

Source URLS:


Testimony in Washington yesterday revealed that $500 Million was spent training 54 Syrian fighters and 4 or 5 remained in place  in the US efforts to turn the tide in the effort to bring about regime change and end the fighting in that country. The goal had been 12,000 fighters, was changed to 5400 and now this testimony from the top military and DOD show what a dismal failure the Rube Goldberg scheme has been.  But, guess what? It is not necessary to demonstrate competence in today’s Washington environment.  Utter failure is perfectly acceptable.  Just like Little League: Every body gets a trophy.


An Opinion

Uncaging The Lions

 Several years ago I attended a program at the Wharton Business School. One of the Professors talked about a phenomenon in the way businesses, individuals and government organizations operate in such things as forecasting their future business. For example, when forecasting sales or profits for the next year the management team starts crunching numbers but they all attempt to find out what the Board, The CEO, the Banks, or whomever want the numbers to be.

If the CEO signals he/she wants a 12% increase in sales or a 3% increase in profits, then the team starts attempting to come up with those numbers, or better, to use in their forecast. Only the bravest of the brave would come back with numbers lower than what the boss wants.

The teacher called this phenomenon, “Give the Kid a Number”. If the “kid” wants 12%, we give him 12%, even if in our head we can only see 7%.

In politics, especially in election years or when there is a big budget vote or an ideal that the leadership wants to have the public buy in to, the tendency has been to exaggerate the truth or, as is increasingly the case, to just plain lie to get the support for the vote from us, the gullible American public, or the political party herd in Congress. And, to protect their jobs, their non-Obamacare Health Plans, and lifetime pensions, the bureaucrats take the information and “cook the books” to get the favor of their leader and protect the Party goals. They Give the Kid a Number! They know there is little danger to their positions and they will be gone before the real numbers are revealed.

Regardless of your view on the Affordable Care Act, it is a key example of an out of control process in the US that has led to massive debt and possibly unprecedented corruption. This bill was passed without most, if not all, of Congress having not even read the thing. The then Speaker of the House made her now famous comment: “We have to pass it to see what’s in it”.

 The news is out the last few days. Someone has been changing the Intelligence Reports coming out of the Middle East and they strangely end up looking like what the White House has been saying about such things as ISIS. In other words, the bureaucrats in Washington have been taking the negative reports from the intelligence analysts and turning them into positive reports to make them fit what the administration wants us to believe: ISIS is on the run and it won’t be long now until we have that mess cleaned up.

That story is told and the ISIS group keeps tearing down historical sites, beheading people, and taking over more and more area. Increasingly we see their masterful use of technology to recruit and control the minds of disgruntled young recruits around the world.

While we build questionable and unproven Trillion Dollar airplane systems backed by the Generals and the Pentagon bureaucrats, the ISIS crowd uses Toyota pickups, car bombs, AK 47’s, and stolen or captured US military equipment in the hands of recruits in Ninja looking outfits to run millions from their homes and to out maneuver their opposition on every hand. The facts have been obvious even in the face of the positive spin that has come out of Washington.

We have spent untold dollars, gotten a large number of our young people killed and had thousands more maimed in the region only to walk away and wash our hands of the matter. And, for what? Are we safer today than when we started?

Some would say we should not be involved. Their problems are their problems. But when hundreds of thousands of people in boats start landing on your beaches and three year olds start floating up on the sand, the problem has been exported. And when they put the pressure cooker bombs under park benches in Boston, it is more than “someone else’s problem”.

It appears that the Iraqi’s will never be able to prevent the takeover of their country. If they don’t have an outside group to fight, they just fight and kill themselves. And the same will likely happen in Afghanistan. Where to next after Syria? Libya and Egypt? Saudi Arabia, and Israel?

Now they are sending their operatives, according to several European reports, to various countries as “refugees”.  And, it won’t be but a few days before they start landing here.

The mass of humanity being displaced in Syria and that entire region is starting to overwhelm the Europeans and the sights and sounds are horrible. But ISIS is taking advantage and will have people in place all over Europe and the US to carry out their bidding. This, alone, adds a tremendous danger to the problem.

So far, nothing had been done to stem the tide and Russia and Iran are intent on fostering the unrest for their own interests. The solution seems to lie in the resolution of the Syrian problem and that resolution seems to rest in the hands of rebels and no end is in sight.

When Iran gets their 100 Billion Dollars that they will have coming under the nuclear deal, we will have unleashed the lions of war and there will be no putting them back in the cage. And we will have the Congress and the President to thank for that. But the stove is still set on “High” and the numbers are still being cooked. By then, they will be on their speaking tours.



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Seasons of the Year

 In the beginning, there were four seasons. They were created Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. And it was good.

Then along came knowledge and progress and the human was walking upright and started to have time on their hands so another “season” was added called “Planting Season” and it was good.

Little did the human realize that Planting Season would cause them to have another season called “Harvest Season”. And it, too, was good.

Over time and with “time” on their hands, humans invented other seasons in various parts of the globe. And each of them was good in its own place and time.

There was “Ski” season because the humans had learned to slide down hills on slats of wood. There was “Soccer Season” which probably began when humans had to constantly kick the woolly mammoth droppings out of the way and the kids found a way to make a game of it.

And now, as the human race has evolved, so have all these other “Seasons”. Just look at what we have today. ( Maybe I missed a few )

We have, of course, the original four. But we have added:

  • Baseball Season
  • Hockey Season
  • Basketball Season ( This one actually runs 13 months, I believe )
  • We still have the Planting and Harvesting Seasons but fewer people pay attention to those
  • Gardening
  • Fishing Season
  • Hunting Seasons ( There are a number of different ones )
  • Hockey Season
  • Fall TV Season
  • And finally, the main Season in the South, “Football Season”.

This season affects us in more ways than any of the others. People wear all sorts of special and colorful attire with other people’s name on them. For example, Bill Smith may have on a shirt that says Ryan. Very confusing to the untrained eye. It may have a big number on it like “87”, whatever that means.

A very calm, unemotional guy that never gets excited or loud, starts yelling and jumping up and down because something happens on TV or out on the field that they like! Or, in some cases, they don’t like. Either way, during Football Season it is considered perfectly normal behavior.

They load up their cars, vans, RV’s, and trucks and traipse off to places like Athens, Tuscaloosa, and Chapel Hill and they carry fried chicken to eat in a parking lot when they have perfectly good tables and chairs at home, inside out of the rain and cold.

(Actually Football teams can’t decide whether to play inside, outside, or some of both)

Some humans, I have seen, take paint and color their faces with all kinds of designs. They would never do this at any other time except “Football Season”.

So, let this be a warning. I think I saw some signs over the last few days that this Season has come around again. So, if you see some strange behavior on the part of Grandma or Grandpa, mom or dad, sisters and brothers, or your neighbors, you might should check: If they have on something that says GA, UF, UT, SC , GT, FS, ND, or any such combination that should alert you. Normal behavior will not return until about December or January. And all other stuff will have to wait!

  • It’s Football Season in the South! And, in the beginning, it is good, as long as your team wins!

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