May 2017

It has been a dry spell on going to the movies but I have caught some on pay per view. I did watch the movie “Fences” with Denzel Washington and Hidden Figures also just a day of so back. While I liked both of them the fences movie had more hidden meanings, I suppose. There are some I want to see.

There is a movie on, I think Net Flix,  that I saw a few days ago that you might enjoy if you are a Bill Murray Fan: St. Vincent. One of those heart warming things that is a little different for Bill.

Did you know that in Caddy Shack, Bill  Murray performed without a script!


October 5, 2015

The new movie, Martian, is off to a big start. Looks like a cross between Cast Away and Gravity but Matt Damon is usually pretty good. These virtually singular roles require a great persona and I expect he can carry it well. Huge turnout over the weekend.

If I can scrape up a few bucks, I may get over there and see it. I actually hate the automated reclining chairs at the theater now and my wife’s feet won’t touch the floor and you have to fiddle with the controls. So, the movie has to be good to be worth the hassle.

October 2, 2015

Finally! Got to see De Niro in The Intern with Anne Hathaway. I went with two women and I commented that it  was a  “chick flick”.

I was advisedthat it was not a chick flick but I did enjoy it. Predictable in most of the plot, as it was. No car chases and no one got shot.

I would have liked a slightly different ending, but what do I know. Here is how it ended………..

just fooling.

Put it on the “see a feel-good movie” list.



Sept 30 Update On NCIS

Best part of the show was the Song Sung by Heather Stewart and apparently a lot of people picked up on it from the internet chatter.

Check it out

“If I Can’t Take You with Me”!videos/c1t0j



The Intern

This weekend I will make every effort to see the new Robert De Niro  / Anne Hathaway movie, The Intern. It looks like it might be a good one. Another “feel good” movie.

Well it was a rainy, dreary day so I thought: why not go see this movie, I checked online and found the time so off we went. We got there to discover that showing had been cancelled!! Thanks AMC Theaters!!! Several people had driven over in the rain just like me!

Today (Saturday) we decided to try again and went to the 4:30 movie. All the seats were sold except the very front row. The show seems to be a success but I can’t sit in the front row, even if they do have reclining seats! So, I’ll see ya later, I guess.


Mr. Holmes

I caught this movie at Tara Cinemas 4 recently and its still showing there and a couple of other places. If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan, this might be a good one. It shows a dejected and retired Sherlock Holmes who had failed in his last case and an opportunity to redeem himself and to help young boy and his mother at the same time comes along. A good feel good movie. No bombs going off or car chases.


Haven’t made it to this one yet.

Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation.

I now have a real problem! This movie has taken in $500 Million already! If I don’t go see it at the theater, I will be about the only person in the US who hasn’t seen it. If I go it’s another $30.

I walked out of the new “Vacation Movie” about two weeks ago after about 10 minutes: Maybe they will prorate my cost to see this movie based on my unused time. Say, Tom, when will this be on Netflix?


The new Martian Movie coming with Matt Damon is getting a lot of pre-release hype. One space scientist who has reportedly seen it says it is about as close to reality as it gets from a Martian perspective.  He might find George Clooney floating around out there somewhere. ( If you did not see that movie you won’t get that )

How about another Bourne movie, Matt?


And, another James Bond is coming! We will have to put that on the list, too. I keep submitting my name as willing to play Bond but there will never be another James Bond like Sean Connery. ( That’s just my opinion )


Well… the new Robert Redford and Nick Nolte movie was funny and predictable. Being in a theater at 2:30 in the PM with 6 other people does not give you a real sense of how the movie is being received. Good to see Nick Nolte again. I have always liked his movies. I have walked about 5 miles on each end of the Appalachian Trail. Now all I have to do is connect those 10 miles!

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