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Restaurants That Are Dangerous!

May 2017

Recently, I have been traveling back from Sandy Springs on the back roads to avoid all the delays at I-285 and I-75. I kept noticing the busy little place near Powers Ferry Rd at 2243 Akers Mill Rd. The place is called Heirloom Market BBQ.  If you like Bar B Que, this is  a must ! Warning! They get real busy and parking is limited. But the food is fantastic!

Jan 1, 2016

West Cobb Diner

Some friends took my wife and me to the West Cobb Diner the other day. We went kicking and screaming and I kept telling them I was on a diet!

So, I only got a vegetable plate that was big enough to feed about four people and, to be sociable, I ate the whole thing. A great “comfort food” restaurant but be prepared for a short wait. They do a lot of business. Just go out Whitlock from Marietta to the place and be prepared to loosen your belt. Better yet, wear stretch pants!

Mary Macks

We went to Mary Macks on Ponce de Leon a few days back and managed to get in without too long a wait. After 70 years they are still doing a booming business! Great Southern Style food and long waits can be a reality. Parking a bit of an issue but it is all worth the trouble.  I got the traditional backrub, too!.

Orient Express

My out of town families like the Orient Express in Vinings. Once again, we took advantage of them for the holidays and, as usual, they came through. Feed 7 or 8 people for $100 and have food left over.


Let This Be A Warning!!!

The Burger Kings are selling something called a Red Velvet Oreo Shake. This thing is dangerous!
As my old friend use to say, “It’ll make a rabbit hug a hound!” At about 500 calories, that is all I could have a day plus about one power bar. But……THEY ARE GOOD! TOO GOOD!


Some friends invited us to Mezza Luna on Spring Road in Smyrna tonight. They specialize in the Italian cuisine of Puglia. Puglia (the heel of the boot) is surrounded by water, mainly the Adriatic Sea so they have a lot of seafood. I noticed our friends did away with the Sea Bass and the Salmon. I took that to mean it was GOOD!

An older gentleman sat up his tape machine and his microphone by the door. He did not look like an entertainer. But, he does a mean Frank Sinatra! I was very surprised at how good he is.

Good friends, Italian Waiters, good Italian Food, good singer and……….they give you a hug at the door! I give it an “Oughta Do It” rating!


Just a thought:

“The best restaurant and the best meal are often remembered, not because of the chef whose name you do not remember, but because of whom you were with.”


What is the best restaurant you know? Share that with us.

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