Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Spring Cleaning

 A few days back I was in conversation with with one of my sons who is a doctor. Somehow I was reminded of the days back in Sandy Point when an annual event took place: the annual dose of castor oil! He had not been taught about that in medical school, apparently. But, this annual event gave a whole new meaning to “Spring Cleaning”.

I don’t know when the idea that a once a year oil change using castor oil was beneficial to everyone but my grandmother was in charge of the administering of the stuff and they were certain our lives would be better. This treatment would serve to make regular people of us all. A day was set aside to carry out the treatment.

Now that idea is still in favor today. I have had a longtime crush on Jamie Lee Curtis. She has been on touting the use of Dannon Yogurt’s Activia for the past couple of years and as even had fun poked at her by he likes of Jay Leno for doing the commercials. I doubt she was taking it when she did a Fish Called Wanda but then she was probably a regular girl back then. Now, it seems, Dannon may have been less than truthful on the benefits of their Activia and have paid a $21 Million fine for that fib. I hate it that my idol, Jamie Lee Curtis, was used in this unsavory manner. And, that Activia had to be used every day.  Clearly not the wonder drug that Castor Oil is which only needed to be used once a year.

Castor Oil comes from the castor bean which is not really a bean but a seed but bean sounds more important, I suppose. The castor bean comes from a rather plain looking plant and these plants have a long scientific and dull name so I won’t try to print it. They grow in the SE Mediterranean area, Eastern Africa, and India.

But, unlike Activia, this product has been around since at least 4000 BC and has been found in the tombs in ancient Egypt. If you got clogged up on your journey to the hereafter, had a zit, or got dry skin, a common condition in dead people, a little Castor bean might make the journey more tolerable, I suppose. So far as I know, there have been no FTC and FDA lawsuits against this product.

And, even 3-In-One oil cannot hold a candle to the number of uses for castor oil. Today, the oil is used in the production of nylon, synthetic resins and fibers, paint and varnish, insulation, motor oil for sophisticated motors, synthetic flower aromas, soap, ink, plastics, insecticides, protective coatings, and, let’s not forget, the deadly poison Ricin! It also is said to promote hair growth for balding patients, treat acne, and makes a great skin care product. And the plants are used for ornamentals! Wow! While the unprocessed seeds are poisonous to humans, a million tons of them are produced commercially every year!

Butterflies love the plants and so do many insects and birds. Now, this is truly a wonder drug. And, apparently, my grandmother knew this all along! Oh, if only Jamie Lee had known!

Castor oil was once used as punishment for unruly children and petty thieves in France. We were threatened with a dose of castor oil for misbehaving as children but for the taste of it alone. Any other benefits would have been coincidental and would have shown up in the end.

So, there you have it. We will be coming up on castor oil time before long and this may be just what’s needed for this new crop of kids to help make regular folks out of them. You can pick some up at CVS or RiteAid and use one tablespoon in the spring and use the rest to lubricate the Glock or Zebco 33.

Sorry, Jamie Lee. But you can still come over and have coffee and snacks anytime.

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  1. My Mother was firm believer in castor oil. One of my memories is the time I didn’t want to school one day and told her I was sick. She told me I had to take a dose of castor oil if I didn’t go. I agreed and stayed in bed to pretend I was sick. Here came Mother with the castor oil and the “castor oil spoon”–which was three times as big as what we now call a table spoon. I opened my mouth to take it and much to my surprise, it was Karo Corn Syrup. She knew I wasn’t sick!

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