Deer Tracks


It’s that time again in Georgia and, I guess, most of the Southeast: its deer season! It’s that time when normally sane, rational thinking, hard working, and reliable men, women, and children are prone to do some things they normally would only do if someone was pointing a gun at them. For example, getting up at 4:30 in the morning when its 28 Degrees and going out to sit in a deer stand in the woods all day, freezing their butts off. Climbing up a slick, poorly constructed tree ladder to sit on a 2′ wide hard seat for hours without moving. Of course, today they have the store bought climbing stands and shooting houses with propane heaters. But you get the drift.
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Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines

Do you remember sewing machines? Ever used one? Did they have them in your house growing up? In just about all the homes I went in as a kid down in Sandy Point you would find many common items; stoves, fireplaces, porches, wells, a home remedy stock pile, a family Bible, a steamer trunk, shotgun, and a box for stove wood and one for kindling. The list goes on and on. Most homes also had, set up in some prominent place, a sewing machine. If I went around my neighborhood today I doubt I would find a single one. I still see them in Walmart and Sears so I know some people still buy them and, of course, use them.

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