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Today we are on news overload. At least that is how it seems to me. This past election about did me in. I got so sick of the various channels and experts telling us why this would happen and that would not happen and this person could not win and the other person would win, ad nauseam. I wonder if an actual scientific review was done how many incorrect statements and just plain lies were told by the media this year.

I never thought the winner would win. The entire news system was against him as well as the biggest political machine in the history of the world, I suppose. But, win he did and now the news people are walking around in a daze. They were tweeted into non relevance and have not yet fully recognized it. They say that the new president has a total following of 40,000,000 on the various social medias.

I can say that, as for me, I was really turned off by Fox, CNN, ESPN, CBS, and ABC. So, I am back to watching the local news and weather and very few minutes of the other stuff. I’ve turned off Hannity, OReilly, and what’s her name. They will probably not miss me and I won’t miss them. I’ll get my national and important new international news from France 24. At least I know where they’re biased and were they lean. Now we have news managers and shapers, spinning the news the way they see it and making the assumption that most of us are too unenlightened or just plain too stupid to understand it.

Before there was TV on all the time and before there was a TV around, there was a medium called radio. It was not the 99.6 rock with the hip DJ’s and rap music or talk radio with Rush. In fact, they had so little to talk about that most of the stations went off the air at sundown and the listeners went to bed.

It evolved to the morning drive personality and local announcers interviewing some and music being played but a lot of the main stations were the source of information. And, there were certain times I knew the radio would be turned on in Sandy Point.

The radio was rarely on in the morning as there was work in the fields on the farm. There were no boom boxes and battery powered radios were just in the mind of some scientist. So no Willie Nelson or otherwise was blaring.

But when we came in at lunch (called dinner on the farm in Sandy Point. Supper was the evening meal) the red colored radio was turned on at 12:00 to WSB 750 in Atlanta. The 50,000 watt clear channel station was the source for accurate news, weather, and farm prices in the state and could be heard over a large area, including Sandy Point about 100 miles to the south.

The radio pictured above looks a lot like I remember the one my grandfather had but I don’t think this is the exact one. The one shown above is for sale on ebay for $915!

At 12:00 the radio was turned on while we ate and we listened to the news which included state and national news and then they gave the crop reports. Prices for live hogs, cattle, poultry, and commodities like corn and cotton, etc. were reported and this told my grandfather what he should do as far as selling or holding what ever he was dealing with that day.

As time went on, my Grandmother and other ladies who could find the time would listen in the afternoons to The Guiding Light radio series which was on for 19 years before moving to television and it was on for a total of 72 years!

In the evening, at 5:00, if we made it in in time, the radio was back on and it was tuned to WMAZ 940 in Macon which was a daytime 50,000 watt station that reduced power at sunset and we could not hear them at night. No FM was around. But we listened to the Dunlap Roofing Company sponsored news from the Macon area and the weather. Weather was less accurate in those days and small weather balloons could often be found where they had been released from the air force base. No Viper Radar in those days.

There was little in the way of commentary coming from the radio. They read the news with no comment or editorializing. When there was an opinion given it was introduced as that: an opinion from the management of the station.

There was the Gillette Cavalcade of Sports that my father liked after he got home from the Army. The Grand Ole Opry and The Shadow and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and of course, The Lone Ranger. Many other good radio shows were around. Saturday morning programs for kids were around, too.

Yes, times have changed. For the better in many cases. Other ways, well, I’m not too sure. Kids once had to use their imaginations. Today, its all virtual reality were you can paint a box on all four sides wearing a set of goggles while sitting in the den.

So, I think I will take a breather from Sean, Bill, Megan, Anderson and all the rest. I want to see if my blood pressure goes down! I doubt what I do will affect anything, anyway.

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