On The Other Hand

On The Other Hand

For many years, our company represented a large respected manufacturer, the largest in the industry at the time, and they were headquartered in Pennsylvania Amish country. Every December, they would have a major sales convention and most years they were at their corporate offices. Sometimes they were in places like Marco Island or Boca Raton, but they had great Broadway type presentations with singers and dancers and large stage sets. They would have a theme and the one I remember most was Aquarius from Hair. It was a memorable presentation, to say the least. Only the 5th Dimension could have done better. The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.
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Living and Dying

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Living and Dying

Hebrews 9:27 King James Version (KJV)
27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

“Dying is not the issue…….. It’s living too long that makes for problems.”
H. Jerome Chapman 2016

No doubt, the statement above will be argued by some and denounced by others. Who would say such a thing!? The medical profession is proud when it can point to more and people who have reached a triple digit birthday.
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Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible
The Little Tractor That Could

There was a TV show in the late 60’s starring Peter Graves called Mission Impossible and the team was given instructions for top secret and extremely difficult missions on tapes that self-destructed after Mr. Phelps listened to them. If they chose to accept the missions, they were on their own and could expect no help.
Life has been like that for some people. They accepted difficult assignments and responsibilities and found they were on their own and they didn’t realize they had a choice. Such was the life of most Americans in the “good old days”. Today, if you don’t like your job or career choice, or you spouse, just change. The thinking was different once upon a time and the choices in rural America were limited.
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Bullying and the Bully



Recently I have been seeing a lot on TV, on the internet, and in magazines about “Bullying”. I see a theme running through all these. The bullied individual may use diplomacy, may just walk away from the situation, or just learn to “understand” that the person that is bullying them needs attention or to boost their own self esteem by running roughshod over the other party.The “Bully” may or may not wish to go along with any of these solutions.
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