A Tiger By The Tail

A Tiger by The Tail

Dave, Bob and I were sitting around one day talking about hunting and how nice it would be if we had a vehicle to use in the woods. There weren’t too many choices back in those days like there are now. Why, you can buy an All Terrain Vehicle on about every street corner today. In 1969, that wasn’t the case. In 1969 we did a lot of hunting together and after over 40 years, they are still at it. Me, not so much, anymore. I gravitated more to the fishing thing.
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Coffee Bread and Bowl Weevils


Coffee and Bread and Bowl Weevils


I suppose every family had some distinctive element around their house. Some practice, habit, activity, or food that they used or engaged in and thought it perfectly normal. Part of the Southern culture was the incorporation of the tastes and abilities of the black families that were involved in the raising of children, cooking of meals, etc. There was, also the simple fact that in the rural South after the Civil War, money was in short supply. The War, itself, was devastating but when coupled with the bowl weevil that followed, life and incomes and wealth changed drastically.
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Sherlock Holmes, Willie Nelson, Tom Watson

Sherlock Willie and Tom
Sherlock Willie and Tom


Sherlock, Willie, and Tom

All good things come to an end. I don’t where that proverb originated but it is often used when someone is trying to allay the sad feelings that come to us when we are seeing something or someone reach the end of their glory. The proverb is supposed to make easier the situation and bring us back to a reality of focus. We should have seen it coming, in other words.
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A Man Named Daisy

A Man Named Daisy

                             Little Daisy Hamlin: Justice Served

Johnny Cash had a song somewhere along the way about “A Boy Named Sue” and it was about a boy growing up named Sue”. While a young man he had hated his father, who left at an early age in the boys life and left him named “Sue”. When he finds his father in a bar, one day, the father explained that naming him Sue was the best thing he could have done for him. It had caused the boy to grow up tough.
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Crows: As The Crow Flies

Crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos

Now, I recognize that the kids of today are far smarter than the kids were when I was one. They can use a hand held video device before they are potty trained. I see them in the grocery carts at Publix, that’s how I know so much.
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Life’s Defining Moment



Life's Defining Moment

A Defining Moment

Contemporary definitions for defining moment
noun: an occurrence that typifies or determines all related events that follow
Dictionary.com’s 21st Century Lexicon

How do you feel about a subject? Any subject. What are your prejudices? How did you arrive at that point? Were these opinions and prejudices handed down to you or did you form them on your own after a revelation or after a personal experience?

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Rassling ( Not Wrestling )


Now, you are probably thinking, “Does he really think that is the way to spell rassling?” And the answer is, “Yes”.
There is a bona fide word called wrestling and you will find it in dictionaries and other places spelled that way. And, you can see kids in high school on mats doing something called wrestling and it continues on into college as an athletic activity. A somewhat dignified contest with certain rules and holds and specified boundaries. Even an Olympic sport. But that’s not rassling. Continue reading Rassling ( Not Wrestling )

Davey and the Bear

Davey and The Bear


“Davey” and The Bear

Once upon a time, there was this truck driver named Dave in New Jersey.  He met this beautiful young lady, whose name I do not remember, and they fell in love. She had grown up in a well to do family and her father was head of a big national corporation at the time and I suspect there was a trust fund in there somewhere. She was very nice and was a little on the ‘flower child” side and the two of them, (Dave and she) decided they would get out of the big city rat race. That brought them to the Pembroke , Quebec, Canada area and the banks of the Ottawa River.
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Grier’s Almanac A Family Tradition

Griers Almanac


Grier’s Almanac

A Family Tradition

I suppose that all families, maybe without giving much thought to the subject, carry on something that has become a “family tradition”. Even Hank Williams, Jr. had a song by that same name.

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