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2016 A New Year and The American Dream

The End of a Dream

2016 is here. A new year with old problems, old solutions, old leadership, and very little outlook for change. We elected the “change” President and he has changed us in ways most never expected.

Electing a “minority” to the job was seen as a major breakthrough. A catharsis that would clean out the old racial issues that had been around for many years and bring about a renewal of understanding and healing of old wounds. Instead, we find racism is brought up on the every hand as the issue whenever there is a problem or a failure. In Baltimore or Milwaukee or 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., if we need a “reason” just use racial inequality. That will do it. Or, if not that, certainly it must be Global Warming or the Second Amendment. But it looks like those issues of race are again made the main subject of any social ill that rears its head.
A news channel person is quoted as having said the new Star Wars movie is raciest. Probably a big surprise to Harrison Ford.
The checks and balances of having a two party system is all but disappeared with the Paul Ryan ascendency to Speaker of the House. The new way now is to avoid conflict by giving the Democrats whatever they want. The Republicans look weak, act weak, and are weak. So much for the two party system. Pitiful.
There have been skeptics and detractors of the US government. But the concerns have never been more well founded.
We are destined to coronate a new president and her name will be Clinton. She failed in Iraq, she failed in Syria, she failed in Libya, she failed in about everything and apparently broke rule after rule regarding handling classified information but the country wants her. They want a woman to right another wrong. And, this is the best one they can find. Now, that says something!
Anyone who is concerned about civil liberty in this country should be concerned about another four or eight years on this path. But, I am not hopeful when Yale students are willing to sign petitions to repeal the First Amendment as they were doing a few days back. I am not hopeful when young people say they are “indifferent” about ISIS. I am not hopeful when every time someone does something bad in the world it is because we, in the US, have caused it. I am not hopeful when we blame the problems in Syria and the Middle East on Global Warming. I am not hopeful when the world leaders are having parliamentary debates about ISIS our President says in an interview that ISIS does not pose a real threat to the US.
We are just a few steps from being a Socialist Country. Then where do we go from there? With a couple of “entitled” generations willing to give away everything that belongs to someone else, I am not hopeful.
Too pessimistic? I hope that is the case. But we are past the ability to stage a revolution and only about 54% of the voting age population will even bother to vote in the next election. 100% of us have an opinion but most will have given little time to study the situation and will have formed our opinions from a few Facebook posts and Instagram’s.
Truth? Doesn’t play much of a role anymore. It’s now more of how “I feel” about it. I have the “right” to vote and if I vote “stupid”, that is my right. And, let’s be sure to vote for political correctness and if a few of the Bill of Rights interfere with me getting my way, let’s either ignore them or repeal them. And, like the students at Yale, sign some petitions to do so. Heaven help anyone who has a different opinion than mine! After all, the prevailing view has become “you are entitled to your own opinion as long as it agrees with mine!” Other wise, keep quiet!
Have we finally reached the cliff? Is there nothing left but to go over and crash at the bottom? One can only hope not. But right now, there appears to be no chance of a turn around.
Can you imagine a world led by the Russians and the Islamic Radicals and every other group that hates freedom? Don’t think it can’t happen. We are very close.
Are we witnessing the end of the “American Dream”? Maybe that is dire, but I believe the age of sacrifice for the country is over but for a few. Too few to help stay the course. Too many of us have always been “free” and have not experienced the places where you could, or could not, worship as you please. You could not come and go as you please. You could not speak your mind without fear of repercussion. Too many from other cultures who chose to live in enclaves and hold on to their old lives rather than become Americanized. Galvanized in their old way of life rather than alloyed into an “American” that has been “melted down” and blended into a cohesive national identity. Holding on to a hyphenated citizenship. A foot in both worlds but their hearts and allegiances somewhere else. Today, you are free to expound any religion you want, as long as it is not Christianity. Send home Muslim training materials with a school child but get fired for sending home Christian literature.
College campuses today are more and more rejecting the idea of allowing a person with a different view, unless some left wing extremist view, from even having a forum to speak. Heaven forbid that a conservative want to speak. Pickets and being shouted down is “freedom of speech” to the kids who have had everything given to them and now believe the socialist way is the way to go. They often call themselves “progressives” as a way of sounding more pompous. And a middle class that is sliding more to the bottom. Too much class bitterness being preached by leading politicians.
Too far to turn back? I hope not. Not hopeless, but, I am not hopeful, either.
But. Have a Happy New Year! Let’s hope and be hopeful!
God Bless America!

Dreams Of 2016
Dreams Of 2016

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