Immigration A Perspective


What do we owe them?
What do they owe us?
Donald Trump has created quite a stir over immigration and allowing people in from countries that hate us and wish us harm. Reportedly, Democratic President Jimmy Carter denied Iranians access during the hostage crisis and I did not remember that. There are many that agree that people wanting to come here from countries that cannot provide complete and reliable background information should not be allowed. Trump has been skewered by CNN and other networks over his position.

There seems to me to be little concern on the part of liberals (Progressives) about illegal entry into the country or entry by possible agents of harm coming in. If we just pass a few more controls on guns, we will have the problem solved in their view. The laws of the Constitution and rule of law are far too cumbersome for many today.
I don’t know when the first people came to the US and I am not too sure anyone does. Some say it was Christopher Columbus, but that certainly was not the case. When he “discovered” America, there were already people living here. Who was here when the “Native Americans” arrived, I have no idea. Maybe no one but there is some suggestion that the Incas may have been up here, did not care for what they saw, and went home. Some say Eric the Red may have been here ahead of Columbus but on the Northern extremes.
What we do know is that Columbus started a rivalry to see who could “own and control” the newly developed land and as time progressed it became necessary to eradicate and remove those pesky “Native Americans” who for some reason came to resent the new “immigrants” for staking out claims to what had been “public land”.
The “Immigrants” or settlers or pilgrims, whichever name you prefer came to a newly discovered land of an uncertain population. If you look at research on the subject, you can be taken down many roads. But there is one certainty: the settlers chased out, displaced, killed and otherwise got the natives out of their way. And, a plague about 100 years after Columbus wiped out about 90% of the population here!
There is no doubt that “genocide” was a term that could be applied to the treatment of many of the “Natives”. Others were marched from the lush hills of Tennessee to the barren deserts of the West. The Trail of Tears was a trail of shame but few of us are ashamed about it. It comes under the heading of “Progress”.
The families that relocated here from Europe (The ancestors that bore my name landed in South Carolina in 1754) probably did not think of themselves as “conquerors” but just people looking for freedom of religion and opportunity. Just what they were expecting when they got here is speculation on the part of each family. But there is one thing for sure, they were promised very little. But they saw opportunity.
But, come they did. From England, Ireland, France, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Portugal and just about everywhere else. And they eventually came to see a need for a “common understanding”. A way to stand together against those who would seek to control from afar and to have a unified “mission statement” and a unified set of policies. There would not be a new Italy, a new France, a new England, a new Spain. A Constitution was developed that gave us a way to be a common America. And, while those that came could relish their heritages and their ancestors, they helped shape a new and better place, even at the expense of those who had been here already. This new place would take them all in the same direction but come at it from different perspectives and cultures.
In order to form a “more perfect union” they had to leave behind the old alliances. Their new allegiance would be to the United States of America. A place to enjoy the Pursuit of Happiness! Not a handout. Not a place to bomb, kill and destroy but a place to plant, build and grow and prosper. No longer an Englishman, as in the case of my namesakes, but Americans. No hyphens!
Today, we gladly are accepting people who come here to “change” us and make us look like the terrible place they just left behind. To remake us into what they would have liked their old homeland to be like but couldn’t. And we see no reason not to let them live as a hyphenated or even un-hyphenated group. We pride ourselves on diversity but I believe that we originally were so ultra- successful because we “melted” all of the great qualities that these old “immigrants” brought with them into an alloy of unbelievable strength.
Today, we have those who desire to strip away those facets that enabled us to create the greatest environment for freedom the world had ever seen and for which people would accept the hardships for the challenge and possibilities. Those in ancient societies trying to restore to world power failed ideas that have left them in constant warfare, poverty, and unbelievable human conditions wish to spread their hatred and anger and despair around the world. And they wish to rule the world and remake us in their image. And we enable them to do more and more under the banner of “Political Correctness”.
They do not want diversity. They do not want freedom. They want to destroy us. They will only do so if we allow them to. And, there are many who feel it is our duty and responsibility to insure they are free to live in their old ways and customs and religions, which are also their politics, and we should be willing to give up the American Melting Pot where diversity was blended and become a place where any group that wishes can set up shop and chip away at the very core of what made us a place people wanted to come to. One day, the immigrants around the world may be coming from America unless we refuse to allow those that hate what we stand for to shape us in their image.

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