Global Warming

Global Warming: Is The Sky Falling?

What does Global Warming have to do with Sandy Point? Well, I’ll tell you.

As the crow flies, where I lived in Sandy Point was about 3.37 miles from the beach! That’s right, the Atlantic Ocean came, at one time, to State Route 42 that crisscrosses the county. Now called the Piedmont Fall Line. To others, not always well intended, it is known as the “Gnat Line“.

State Route 42 (SR 42) is a 115.3-mile-long (185.6 km) state highway that runs southeast-to-northwest through portions of Peach, Crawford, Monroe, Butts, Henry, Clayton, and DeKalb counties in the central and north-central parts of the U.S. state of Georgia. The route connects Byron with the Atlanta metropolitan area, via McDonough, Stockbridge, and Forest Park.

Over the years, people would spend Sunday afternoons in some spots along Hwy 42 digging for shark teeth and other ocean based fossils. A few thousand years back, the ocean came to that area. An area which is currently 713 feet above sea level!

There is a meeting scheduled in Paris and if you watch TV from France, it is “Civilization’s Last Chance” to prevent elimination from the face of the planet. Global Warming is the next pending disaster and these 100+ government “leaders” are going to put a stop to it, once and for all! And, led by the greatest of all “world leaders”, Barack Obama. My guess is that former Vice President Al Gore, the man who invented the Internet, will be around somewhere.

I am no scientist and am not qualified to debate from a scientific stand point but I would refer you to Dr. Roy Spencer, who is. Dr. Spencer has worked for the NASA Organization and other major weather study groups. He is a recognized expert in the field.

From a practical standpoint, I do believe that human activity can affect the global climate to some degree. But, we have had tropical climates that supported huge dinosaurs and ice ages. Most of the major climatological changes took place with few, if any, humans around. There were no oil wells, Toyotas, or charcoal grills.

My conclusion is that some climate change will happen, whether we like it or not, with no human intervention and involvement. I also believe that fear is the tool of the “power hungry” and people like Barack Obama believe they should control every aspect of human life. Yes. He talks freedom but his view of freedom is that government should be “free” to do as it pleases. He would prefer a government not burdened by the tiresomeness of the US Constitution.

Yes, let’s do what is prudent about damaging the environment. But let’s do it without political enslavement and selling out the rights of US citizens to the United Nations or some other anti US group whose main desire is to control the population through fear.

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