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Rural Electric, Delco Power, and JC

The REA, Delco Light Plants, and Uncle JC

According to Wikipedia, The Rural Electrification Act of 1936, enacted on May 20, 1936, provided federal loans for the installation of electrical distribution systems to isolated rural areas of the United States. Funding was channeled through cooperative electric power companies, most of which still exist today. These member-owned cooperatives purchased power on a wholesale basis and distributed it using their own network of transmission and distribution lines. The Rural Electrification Act was also an attempt made by FDR’s New Deal to deal with high unemployment. I can remember the trucks and men coming down the dirt road my grandparents had lived on most of their lives and dropping off the poles. It was about 1946-’48. Life was about to change even more and even faster in the rural south just about 60 years after the Civil War.

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Global Warming

Global Warming: Is The Sky Falling?

What does Global Warming have to do with Sandy Point? Well, I’ll tell you.

As the crow flies, where I lived in Sandy Point was about 3.37 miles from the beach! That’s right, the Atlantic Ocean came, at one time, to State Route 42 that crisscrosses the county. Now called the Piedmont Fall Line. To others, not always well intended, it is known as the “Gnat Line“.
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Yesterday Today Tomorrow


We all have the same amount of days in life to share
It seems to me there are three
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Trophy, Anyone ?


Do you remember when there were “Winners” and “Losers”? There were some prizes for winning and sometimes there were prizes or a trophy for second and third place. There was the notion of a “Blue Ribbon” winner.

The last few little league games I went to, every kid got a trophy. They may have been on the losing team and not even have played in the game, but they got a trophy that looked liked the trophy of the winning team’s trophy and the player who might have gone four for four.

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Left Behind or Just Left Out


“Left Behind” or Just “Left Out”
There was a series of books that were very popular a few years back entitled “Left Behind” dealing with the end of the age when all of the “Good” are carried away and the “Non-Good” are “left behind”. There was a movie by the same name starring Nicholas Cage.

But, I realized the other day, what I guess I’ve known but just could not really accept as fact that I have already been “left behind” by the world and society that I live in. When we look at some of the people who have seemed to drop out of society and the “normal” way of life that is acceptable, it may be explainable when you see how the world has moved ahead of so many us and there seems no way to catch up.

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World War III

Just when I think I have come up with something original, I find someone else beat me to it. This time it is the Pope.

This morning, early, I was looking at the news from Paris. Shocking pictures of how “radical” Islam is on the move and carrying out its efforts to win the battle it is in with, truly, the world.  As I looked at the reports it seemed to me that we had entered World War III. Then, later this morning, the Pope said almost that exact thing.
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Veterans Day 2015

They Never Said a Word
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A Shot Of Love

A Shot of Love
By Jackie Wilson

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Soldiers All, Fathers Husbands Brothers Sons

Soldiers: Husbands, Sons and Fathers

( and, of course, some are Wives, Daughters and Mothers today )

What image comes to your mind when someone says soldier? It may be your own image from when you were in the military or it may be your spouse. It may be that of some invincible hero type with guns and grenades and a scene with a John Wayne type charging up some hill. It may be a soldier hanging one leg out of a helicopter over a hot zone in a combat area.
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