How To Clean Up Washington ???

How to Clean Up Washington
(I’ll bet you never expected to see the solution here!)

Does it seem to you that the politicians are always on the campaign trail? From the first day after they are so called sworn in they are already fundraising for the next election: selling out any principles they may have had for re-election. No matter what political color they were when elected, red or blue or in between they have to immerse themselves in the political bathwater to function in Washington and they all end up looking the same. And, to hear them tell it, they are doing it at great personal sacrifice.

If it truly is a “Great Personal Sacrifice” then we are really foolish to elect such idiots! They spend millions of dollars to get elected to these positions of “Great Personal Sacrifice” so there is something here that doesn’t meet the eye. It can’t be their burning desire to “serve the common good” as so few of them appear to be doing that. It must be something else. Political party is more important than the welfare of the US. The Iranian Nuclear Deal will prove that down the road.

One of the wealthiest men in Atlanta is going to every municipal government he can find asking for a handout to further his business ambitions. And the story is the same: “Have I got a deal for you!”

There is a simple solution to start addressing the in breeding in Washington. It is so simple that it will likely never be done and it is not even a secret. Would you like to know what it is?

One term for everybody. From the President on down, they get one shot.

So, let’s say Honest John Cash gets elected President and serves six years. At the end of six years, he goes out and does speeches for $500,000 per speech while Ms. Lily White serves her term as President, having won fair and square over her opponent Mr. Knotso Fast. Then, Ms. Lily White does her speaking tours, etc.

Presidents would get six years, Vice Presidents would get six years but not be eligible to run for President in a successive term after being Vice-President. They only get to be President in the near term if something happens to the President.

Senators could still serve six years or maybe go to eight. (It is currently six).
Representatives could go to four years from the current two.
Supreme Court Justices, maybe 10 years. There seems to be no evidence that “experience counts”.

I do not believe the founding fathers ever envisioned people serving in Congress and other elected or appointed Government jobs for decades. The average life expectancy in 1770’s was 47 by most accounts. It was about 35 for women due to the high rate of deaths among women at childbirth.

And, yes, we may “throw out some babies with the wash water”, but the chances are we throw out more dirty politicians than “babies”. The current trend that we are on has allowed the roots of corruption and dishonesty to spread throughout the entire system and to nearly every department and there is no remedy for those in seats of power to be brought to justice. If the spotlight shines too brightly on someone, they just retire with full government benefits. Something about a “Briar Patch” comes to mind.

But, it may just be that no-one really cares anymore. We deal with the self- fulfilling prophecies. We expect nothing better. We accept it as “That’s the way it is”.

What political person would you trust to handle all your personal affairs? Is there one? But they have an even greater impact overall. We are working with enemies of our enemies’ enemies in some cases, now! Syria is a case in point.

Mrs. Clinton wants to be President. And, she will probably get it. But she has had her toe dipped in one scandal after another: from Whitewater to dead guys in cars in parking lots. And Chelsea is following right behind her.

Chelsea and her husband just bought a $10,000,000 apartment. But Mrs. Clinton wants to talk about income inequality. Chelsea’s father-in-law, a close personal friend of the Clintons, bilked millions out of gullible investors and went to jail for it and still owes, get this, $9,500,000 in fines. Mrs. Clinton’s son-in-law is making millions on Wall Street. Bill Clinton is raking in the dough giving speeches, mainly from those who needed a favor from Mrs. Clinton while she was Secretary of State. I guess its “all the other guys” that Mrs. Clinton wants to reform.

But, where are those with leadership, character, and integrity to which to look?
As the great Jack Nicholson once said: “You want the truth, you can’t handle the truth!”

I think we can handle the truth but we prefer the political rhetoric that resonates with our own situation better. “You are probably right in what you suggest, but let’s leave the problem until I am out of the picture.”

The money to solve the problems will not come from the 1%’ers. It will not come from the poor. It will continue to come from the “middle class” as long as that exists. Just look at your savings account. The Federal Government has propped up the banks and the Wall Street investment Banker groups (like Chelsea’s Husband) and provided them the money to operate and flourish while they get to hold your money for free and even charge you to have an account. People are penalized for saving and being debt free. Why, it’s simply un-American!

But, I don’t know who that person is either. Surely, there has to be a man or woman that has the ability to lead, who will lead, and will do so with a positive influence without regard to their own financial rewards or those of their cronies.

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