The New York Times, CNBC And Me



I am happy to say that I am in agreement with the New York Times. Who’d a thunk it? In fact, this morning even CNN and I were in agreement. Now the stars are really aligning!

I also learned something else yesterday: CNBC is still on the air. Why I don’t know. Since I don’t have to watch a stock ticker all day ( no money cuts down on a lot of work ) I can’t remember the last time I watched that channel.

Now, I know that the folks in Sandy Point and Smyrna are probably watching in secret and just not ever mentioning it to me so as not to make me feel bad.

Tell me, when is the last time someone said to you: I just heard on CNBC, anything?

CNBC needs a big broom today. But you know, I turned over there this morning and I did not hear them talking about last nights disaster at all! I believe that even their people missed it. Maybe they are all from Kansas City and had better things to do.

But The New York Times, Fox News, And CNN all agreed with me on this one! BAD!

I will check with France 24 and see what the French are saying when I have time.

But we have that new Speaker of the House now and the world had better watch out! Big things are coming!

Stay tuned.  We are all waiting with bated breath!

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