A Poem About Life: A Pebble in the Shoe

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A Pebble in The Shoe

I set out on my journey but with little of a plan
I thought that if others had made it, then there’s no doubt, I can.
I had thought of all the big things that I might have to do
But what I really had not planned for
Was the pebble in my shoe.

The biggest and the toughest
The strongest and the brave
Will never do any battle
No damsels will they save.
When their foot is sore and aching
With everything they do
They will have to stop and deal with
The pebble in their shoe!

We will undertake the hard, hard tasks
And fight like heck to win
Through heartache and disappointment, and the serious things we do
We find we can go no longer
With a pebble in the shoe

It seems like such a small thing, when we dump it on the ground
Nothing like the challenges of a boulder tumbling down
There has much been written
About the big, big things we do
But little is said to warn us
about the pebble in the shoe

Whether we go from coast to coast
or it’s for just a mile or two
We probably won’t get very far
With a pebble in our shoe.

Who could have imagined
An army on the march
With pack and gun and battles fought
with so much left to do
Yet not another step can take
For the pebble in the shoe.

The soldiers all are sitting here
the battle they forsake
They know the war is to be fought
and they want the trek to make
They are anxious to get back to
They want to get up and go
But, there’s a pebble in their shoe
And their foot is hurting so

March on! March On!
The orders are shouted down
But there it is in our shoe, it’s very small and round.
A little, bitty pebble.
Very hard to see
But it feels just like a mountain
and its really killing me!

The marches could go farther
More battles could be fought
There is much more we could all do
If we only we had been taught
How to keep the tiny pebbles
from getting inside our shoe.

We learn to deal with big things
We are warned and prepared
For life’s big events that meet you
The facts are fully shared

But when it comes to pebbles
That wind up in your shoe
There is only one solution
And, It is all up to you.

Life has many mountains to climb
And Boulders to go around
We just do the best we can do
But we will have to shake out
The pebbles in our shoe.

The little aggravations
They can really weigh you down
We have to accept the mountains and the boulders on the ground
Those unchangeable things in life
Those, we have to go around
Just don’t’ treat the aggravations
like the big rocks in your way
I think what you should do
Is shake them out today.

© 2014
H Jerome Chapman

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