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I always loved reading, but I never aspired to be a writer. A composer, maybe, but not a writer. Then, somewhere in the midst of my dabbling in composing, I found myself plotting stories in my head. For years I did this, when I was driving, or couldn’t sleep, or was bored. Finally, one day I asked myself, “Why not? Why not try writing a book?” And I talked myself right into it.

Four months after I actually sat down and began writing, I had the first draft completed. But it was four years later, after a major re-write and editing, that I self-published “Heaven’s Mountain” on Amazon as a kindle book. Somewhere along the way, I realized I had to continue the Heaven’s Mountain story in a sequel or two. I had to tell the readers what happened to the other characters! So, I wrote those stories, too, with Mountain Girl published in 2012 and Mountain Song in 2015.

On another note: In 2014 I had the fantastic experience of recording a CD of some of my original songs. If you’re interested, search for Jacalyn Wilson on Amazon and you’ll find the album “Something Deep”, along with separate listings for each song. You can hear a short sample of each song, too!

So, what’s next, you ask? Hmm… I have a few ideas percolating in my head. You’ll just have to wait and see!


All three books, the CD, and two short Kindle works are available on  WWW.Amazon.com.

All of my work is also available directly from me. You can contact me at jacalynwilson@gmail.com.


A Word From Sandy Point Times

 Jacalyn Street Wilson

Author, Singer, Song Writer, Mother, Grandmother and CPA


She Lives in Sandy Point!

Jackie and her late husband moved to Sandy Point some thirty-odd years ago. A lot has happened since that time. Children and jobs, the heartache of losing a spouse and the challenge of building a successful CPA business have slowed her down some, but she has been making up for lost time! And we won’t even talk about all those church Christmas programs!

Jackie is an accomplished musician, singer and song writer with a degree in music from Wesleyan College. A great singer, (it runs in the family) she has an album of her own music.

A creative person by nature, her creativity does not stop with music. Now, Jackie has just released her third book, “Mountain Song” in a Trilogy she calls Heaven’s Mountain Trilogy. They are available from

WWW.Amazon.com  in ebook and paperback. You’re gonna “Love” em!

3 Books

 Check them out! You never know what’s coming next from Sandy Point!

You can order from Jackie directly if you want. Contact her at : jacalynwilson@gmail.com You may as well order one of each!

To read Chapter One of Jackie’s newest book, Mountain Song, click on this link :

Click On This Link 





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