Bob: A Long Way To Zimbabwe

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Bob: A Long Way To Zimbabwe.
One of over thirty stories of adventure from my long time friend Robert T. Mullis. With over 30 trips to Africa and a similar number to British Columbia, this is one of the exciting adventures. This is a story of a near death adventure on a horse in British Columbia. If you like this story, you can find the book at and in hardback and in eBook Versions.

I hope you enjoy this adventure that we call in the book: “Helluva Wreck”
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What is Dementia Like?

While I would not presume to say that all people dealing with dementia in their families see the answer as the same as mine, I have been asked that question several times.  I have been dealing with it now for about 3 years. While some see dementia as a slowly approaching infirmity with plenty of warning, that may be the case for some.

My wife had some memory problems for some time but more of an aggravation and sometimes humorous condition but with a person who could still drive, answer the phone, make a phone call, balance a checkbook, buy groceries, use a computer and carry on a normal conversation and function as a “normal” person.

In her case, this changed from Wednesday to Friday of the same week in a dramatic downturn. I have described it as flipping a switch.

How do I describe dementia?

  • Imagine a set of encyclopedias setting on a shelf.
  • Then imagine taking all of those volumes and running them through a big shredder.
  • Put the shredded material in a large 55 gallon drum.

Now you have a description of dementia.

All the information is still in the 55 gallon drum. It is just hard to find it, connect it to the situation of the moment, and to use it. It is not lost.





Here is another site that has a lot of info on Dementia/Alzheimer’s. More attention is being paid to the role of, and the strain on, caregivers. A lot of illnesses and handicaps can be difficult and I would not want to get into an argument or debate as to  “my family member’s disease is worse than your family member’s disease.”

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A Poem About Life: A Pebble in the Shoe

A Poem About Life Logo

A Pebble in The Shoe
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How To Clean Up Washington ???

How to Clean Up Washington
(I’ll bet you never expected to see the solution here!)
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Jacalyn Wilson Mountain Song Chapter One


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Kate stood in the doorway, surveying Martin Sawyer’s office – correction – her office, now that she was taking over the octogenarian’s law practice. She allowed herself a few moments to savor the accomplishment. It had been a struggle to reach this point in her life. Even with her Aunt Thelma’s help, which was substantial and much appreciated, the years of law school had been grueling and lean, requiring that she work part-time in addition to carrying a full course load. Three more years at the large Atlanta firm and now here she was, with her own practice, with the whole world on her doorstep, waiting for her excellent advice and counsel.
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The New York Times, CNBC And Me



I am happy to say that I am in agreement with the New York Times. Who’d a thunk it? In fact, this morning even CNN and I were in agreement. Now the stars are really aligning!
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Obamacare and Medicare and Idon’tcare

Obamacare and Medicare and Idontcare


This week, my wife and I got fired. The medical practice that we have used for several years sent us a nice letter and told us how sorry they were but they would not be filing for Medicare any more. They are no longer a “participating provider”. If we have regular Medicare, which we do not, they will provide us service and file the initial claim but we have to pay them up front and wait for Medicare to pay us. In other words, they will charge us for the service and we fight with Medicare if we are not happy with the 70% reimbursement.
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Guns or No Guns

Guns or No Guns
October 2015
Updated December 6,2015

Please Note!
• This is a controversial subject and some of it may be offensive to you.
• I come from a biased position. I like guns and shooting.
• I am a gun owner, but have never shot at anyone….Thank, Goodness.
There is a pretty good chance I would have hit them if I had shot at them.
• I hate gun violence. I would choose the “Dirty Harry” approach to
people who do wanton acts of violence.
• I stopped most hunting activities some years back (but would
accept a quail hunting offer any time and you might see me with
one of my Grandkids in a deer blind!)
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Don’t Say It Unless You Mean IT. A Cow In Greene County

“Don’t Say It Unless You mean It”
A Lesson from Greene County

A number of years ago, Richard, Bob, Dave, and I were running around buying and selling some antiques. We found ourselves in New York, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania after driving all night in our old Sears delivery truck that we had literally acquired from the Dixie Truck Salvage yard and headed out in it on a Friday afternoon. Sometimes we went in Bob’s pickup.

Mostly this was some cut glass but also Tiffany Lamp Shades and furniture items. Once, we bought a whole warehouse full of stuff in Wilkes Barre, PA. You talk about chairs, well, we had chairs!

We found this company that produced reproduction Tiffany Lamp Shades and we bought a truck load. We had some auctions and went to a lot of flea markets. We had reproduction Glass fruit jars and , we had ‘em by the truck load, too!
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