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I can’t remember the first time I ever heard of the Oscars. They started in 1927 as a low key award ceremony. They were on TV for the first time in 1953 which coincided with startup of the first TV stations in Macon. One is now the fourth oldest TV station in the State, WMAZ Channel 13 and the other was WNEX Channel 47 which opened a few days before Channel 13 and shut down in 1955. WMAZ’s affiliation with CBS was a major difference and being VHF was the other. Their range was incredible.

I don’t recall hearing anything about the Oscars, either. I went to movies as a kid but I doubt that any of the old cowboy movies won many Oscars.

I have not been a serious watcher of the Oscars and probably never watched more than fifteen minutes of a show in any year. I have watched a lot of the award winning movies, though, every year by accident with the possible exception of this one. Netflix and a smart TV have seriously cut in to my movie going.

There is the issue about the Oscars and racism this year. It seems that in every facet of life racism becomes the subject, sooner or later.

I don’t know if the Oscars were purposely biased or not. Prejudices are often involved subtly without a practiced behavior or conscious decision.

I never understood the way Oscar recipients were chosen and often the movies that I thought were just great won nothing and movies I never heard of won a lot. I’ve seen Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington in some roles that I thought were outstanding and think of them and Eddie Murphy as being some of my favorite actors.

Sometimes I had seen the winners and agreed with the choices. Some of the stuff that people see in movies and the “message” they say that is contained therein seems rather imaginary to me. A lot of them are “hidden” messages, it appears. I have not researched the winners over these many years, but I would bet a lot of big name movies, directors and stars have never gotten one.

But, if the criteria and choices were made in an honest, unbiased fashion, it is possible that a specific minority would never win if they did not have a role and a performance that met the standard. Like the SAT test, many take it and few make a perfect score. People have also accused those testing folks of racism. When we fail at something, we need some reason for it other than our own performance or lack thereof. But the awards are subjective in the beginning. It is not like two people racing from one end of a field to another and the first one to the other end wins. It’s all a matter of opinion.

There are some great name movie stars and directors who never received an Oscar. Such as Richard Burton, Sigourney Weaver, Alfred Hitchcock, and Julianne Moore. To name a few.

There is only one Gold Medal winner in each event at the Olympics. But soon, that may not be acceptable. It may be that all runners in the 100 Meter dash have to get a trophy because one group is consistently winning, such as faster runners. That certainly discriminates against slower runners. Why should slow runners be left out in a race?

To carry it a step farther, maybe we should give a trophy to anyone who would have liked to have participated in the 100 Meters, as well. Just because a person has a root canal and doesn’t feel like running should not prevent them from getting an award. It’s not fair. Should there be a rule that a certain country or racial background determine the Olympic winners?

It would not matter to me if they never gave another Oscar to anyone. I would not miss the event or the symbolism. A bunch of multimillionaires, living in multimillion dollar homes, bragging on another bunch of multimillionaires while complaining about all the things wrong with America. And. because they made a couple of movies they are now experts on any subject you can name.

It seems that, now, the Oscar Selection Committee, whoever they are, will have to set aside a certain number of Oscars for every group that is in the movies by a percentage. If there are .5% Lithuanians in the movies, then there will have to be a winner that year from Lithuania and, the movie makers will have to be sure and get everyone’s ethnic, sexual orientation, actual gender, racial, and national backgrounds and get them in the computer. If there has been no person from Lichtenstein in any movies, then they will have to create a role for them and be sure they get an Oscar.

They certainly should figure out a way for me to get mine! And, while they are at it, I want my name and a star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Better yet, it may be that everyone in the movies gets an Oscar. The same way Little League does it. Everybody gets a trophy. Then, you have to decide if every type movie gets Oscars. How about the adult films industry. How about Youtube videos on how to install a spark plug in the lawnmower?

How about the other people who help with movie production? I always wondered what a “grip” does. And, suppose we do something like having a mandate that there have to be 26% given to this group, 20% to another, and so on? If the number of people from that group does not add up to the required number, the studios will be fined under a Federal Law. Maybe a moratorium on any Oscars being given to anyone other than a group that has so far been victimized by the movie industry. No telling how big that group is.

So what if the Oscar isn’t indicative of anything? Think of the jobs created at the trophy factory. And, now, The Oscars TV production might require several nights like a mini series.

Are the Oscars and Hollywood racially biased? Maybe they have been. Maybe they are. Maybe they will be forever. But, I can fix it. By making the system retroactive, if you have not gotten an Oscar, by gosh, you are going to get one. And, if your performance was not the best, so what? Watch for the UPS truck at your door soon.

Back in Sandy Point Times we had to decide which peas we were going to plant, when they were to be planted, how deep to plant, how wide to space the plants, when we plowed them and when we picked them. Purple Hulls or Brown Crowder’s. Late April or Early May. Etc. And you thought picking an Oscar winner was hard!

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