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Barack Obama

Agent of “Change”

February 22, 2016 (Revised May 17, 2016)

Barack Obama ran on a platform of change. Even his most staunch supporters probably did not realize that his view as “change” was not improvement of the current system that has served us well for 240 years but a replacement of it. Nor, did many of them realize the great contempt that he holds for the country, its accomplishments and its constitution.

Many saw the opportunity to elect a “black” president who refrains from making too much of the fact that he is half white, since he may see that as a negative, as a chance to right the wrongs of injustice and show the world how far we had come.  A savior had arrived.

The fact that he grew up in Indonesia for many ( about 5 ) years, the largest Muslim country in the world was of no concern to anyone. And, the fact that he wanted the country to do penance for all of its misdeeds around the world was not quite as obvious as it became as he went around apologizing for us. And, it seems, the truth is what he says it is, even if it isn’t.

“I was a constitutional law professor, which means unlike the current president I actually respect the constitution.”  One of the first things the candidate Barack Obama changed was the definition of the word “Professor” as he was not a professor at the University of Chicago but was listed as a Senior Lecturer.
His famous statements about the Health Care Law and keeping your doctors and containing costs have proven to be untrue. Much of the impact Health of the Health Care Law is yet to be seen.

Change for the President was to make minorities more dependent on government handouts and to bring about the lowest percentage of people working in 36 years without any plan or process to get the people off of assistance.

Change was to bring the interest rates on savings to almost zero making retired people use up their retirement so they, too, would have to become more dependent on handouts.

Change was to give billions to Iran in the hopes they would not produce a nuclear weapon for a while and at the same time turn his back on the single most reliable ally in the region, Israel.

Change was to allow ISIS to become a formidable adversary at the same time saying they were not a factor and later that they had been “contained.”

Change was to allow the Russians to regain a major presence in the Middle East and to posture itself as the nation to be reckoned with.

Change was to never accept or acknowledge mistakes and to make every issue a partisan discussion.

Change was to reduce enforcement of immigration laws and to allow illegals from all over the world to flood here.

Change is to go embrace Cuba, who incidentally, is having a hard time feeding its population. Maybe a Cuban bailout is in the works. More “loose change” will be needed.

Change is his idea of trying to run the country like a monarchy, instead of fostering cooperation among the branches, and his belief that issuing executive orders is the way to go. He probably learned that as a lecturer at the University of Chicago.

But the worst change of all may have been to reduce the effectiveness and image of the US Government at home and abroad to very low levels. Where respect for the institutions and processes have nearly vanished and the various branches are no longer “hallowed” ground but houses of bitterness and ineffectiveness. Every conversation starts with a denunciation of the other party rather than focusing on solving an issue. A place where, now, the Supreme Court is a group of out of touch old people trying to impose their version of society rather than sticking to the principles of a sound constitution. Divisiveness has been the Obama path to “change”.

In the past few days, we have seen this administration attack the fundamental underpinnings of American life: how and where we go to the bathroom. It seems that the sanctity of the bathroom has to be totally destroyed to accommodate .03% of the population that do not like the sex they were born with. The other 99.97% has to change. Our children were not in enough danger from pedophiles and pornographers as it was. They now can use this ruse to follow who they want where they want. And, we have a powerless, impotent, incapable, and well entrenched congress sitting around drawing their checks and running their reelection campaigns. and, a Supreme Court bent on redesigning America, as well.

One has been news person was on the news tonight saying she had never been bothered in a public restroom in her 60+ years.  She did not attribute that to the terrible rules and morays she was condemning and gave no credit to the basic rules of society we have been living under.

We are coming up on a very important Presidential election and out of three hundred million people we have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I say its “Two Bad”. To think, one of these will be president for four or possibly eight years! A man who can’t seem to keep his mouth shut yet has made billions and a woman who has been on the fringes of dissident factions her whole life and has never met a foreign dollar she will not accept. If we ever needed God to “Bless America” it is now! We had better call on Him soon, before He is ousted from the country.

The republicans abandoned their supporters and rolled over on everything that the Democrats wanted and now are wondering why Jeb Bush spent $100 Million and was beaten by Donald Trump. I am not sure of the exact date that the Republican Party died, but I can smell it from here.

Change is here. Like it or not. And the snowball, like other things is running downhill. And there may be no place to hide. But when it passes by, we all may need to “Change”. And, we will see if the Obama’s move to Rancho Mirage or Dubai but I suspect that they will be back for Michele’s presidential campaign to kick off before long. I hear she may be running on the “School Lunch” program.




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