Remote Stress

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Remote Stress
Have you ever wished you could find a major breakthrough that would bring about a wonderful change in the lives of everyday people? Something that, every day of every month would lower blood pressure, reduce heart attacks, do away with domestic strife and generally be a huge development for the whole human race. I would fore see this cutting down on road rage and alcohol abuse. The benefits would be beyond imagination.
What would this breakthrough be? Elimination of stress. Simple as that.

So, then, you have find the cause of stress. Doctors say stress can also cause cancer and mental problems. Heart attacks and strokes. Marital strife and divorce. The list goes on and on.
So finding the root cause of stress would be some Nobel Prize winning achievement, one would think. I believe I have done just that!
One of the major causes of stress, at least in the United States, is the remote. Yes, the lowly TV clicker has to rate up close to the top!
In my house, I have not added up how many remotes we have. But the total would be considerable. Each TV has its own remote: Samsung, Sony, Seiki, Hisense, Panasonic, Phillips and on and on. Each is different. No two the same.
Then, there are the cable box remotes. Yes, they are all the same but they will only work on the TV they are programmed for and they can be programmed to do most of the functions for the TV, too, but there is always some little thing you have to use the TV remote for like picture size (aspect), smart TV functions, or source selection. So you end up with two remotes.
Since each remote is programmed to a certain TV, I have them labeled so as not to have the wrong one trying to operate a TV. “Master Bedroom”, “Kitchen”, “Upstairs Guest Bedroom”, “Den”, etc.
Then, there is the DVD player remote, the sound system remote, the Roku remote.
To add to the stress, no two remotes are alike. The operating buttons are in different places. The”Mute” on one is at the top, another the middle and so small you cannot see it without a bright light and a magnifying glass, and on another it’s on the bottom.
Add to that the small writing designed by a twenty year old with 20/20 vision and no cataracts, and you have a formula for a huge stress buildup!
Now throw in out of town company and their kids and you have a huge stress situation. They will make comments like: “I have no idea how to use your remotes”. “Why do you have some many remotes” “I don’t see how you put up with these remotes”. “Can you please put this on the Disney Channel”?
And, heaven forbid that you go to someone else’s house! Just trying to turn on the system can be a challenge and please, Lord don’t let them have an XBox or some other thing hooked up, too!
Then, there is the last straw……the lost remote! Under a couch cushion, in a house coat pocket, left in the bathroom, under the bed. Or, who knows where. It might even be in a phone cradle somewhere!
How can all this stress be eliminated? A few simple things will be needed but it might take a new amendment to the Constitution.
TV’s are built to conform to certain standards for most countries. There are some differences between European standards and US Standards. But, that should not affect the solution to “Remote Stress”.
*All TV remotes should be the same. The same size, shape and same layout on the buttons. The functions should all be the same and the name of the buttons should be the same from remote to remote.
*All Cable Remotes should also be the same as above.
* All Remotes should have a tone that can be activated from the TV to locate the remote. Just push the “Locate Remote” button and the remote sends out a tone until located.
*All TV remotes should be interchangeable. Why are there thousands of codes for TV remotes? It looks like an NSA high security code. We just want to turn on the TV and change the channel. What is the big secret they are trying to hide?
Think of all the stress, gone! More time to relax. More time to actually watch the TV. No yelling and accusing each other of losing the thing. No more throwing the thing across the room and having to put it back together. No more “programming” of a remote. One code fits all!
Theses suggestions are so simple and practical they will likely never be implemented. Its another thing called “Justification of Purpose”. Some people feel that inventing a new code for the remote justifies their existence. Redesigning the look of the remote insures they have a job. And, no doubt, Sony, Samsung, LG, and all the others have a “Remote Design and Technology” department, all competing to come out with the latest, hardest to use, and incredibly unique remote. So, we will have to keep putting up with the stress I suppose.
Maybe there is a place for Government Intervention. And, I’ll bet that if we look hard enough, we can link all the “Remote Stress” to “Global Warming” and when we do……..this scourge can be eliminated!

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