Ohms Law The Path Of Least Resistance



Ohms Law

There was this German guy who lived in the late 1700’s named Georg Ohm. He was a pretty smart guy, even if he did not know how to spell George.

He started studying electric cells, something we call a battery today, which had been invented or discovered by an Italian guy named Volta. It was not Al Gore, as he might claim.

As a result of Ohms work he had a law named after him called “Ohms Law”.  It is written in a formula as I= E/R. That’s how it was taught to me at Grantham Technical University, at least. Some now write it as I=V/R.  This formula describes the relationship between current, voltage, and resistance in all electrical circuits in your home, smart phone, computer, and everything else electrical. See, I told you he was smart.

A statement of this law says that “In a closed electrical circuit, electricity follows the path of least resistance.”

When I taught sales training classes for many years, I talked about “Ohms Law Selling”. While I won’t go into that here, all of us have experienced the effects of that approach to business and we see it when we walk in a store and the “sales person” motions for us to look around because they are too busy talking on the phone to sell anything. In one case, the rep told me that he was having coffee and cake in the back and for me to see if there was anything I liked. We did….at another store…. and we spent our $8000 with that person. Ohms Law did not work well for that guy.

In our government today, Ohm’s Law is used every day. An example: it is easier to enforce the law on law abiding citizens than on crooks. So more and more laws are passed chipping away at individual rights while the crooks and bad guys keep doing what they do. Ohms law does not work well for us.

Take illegal drugs. we have made multibillionaires out of a bunch of thugs around the world by passing laws that result in criminalizing a whole generation of people and making the illegal drugs worth much more than their actual production costs would dictate.

We did the same thing with alcohol, but the government finally decided they liked the taxes and drinking more than arresting their kin folks for bootlegging. The next big money maker in the US will be illegal guns. They are already big business around the world and China, North Korea and Russia will continue to fill the supply chain.

When the bombs were falling like rain in Germany, I wonder if there was a concern for political correctness. When the Enola Gay opened its bomb bay doors and the the atomic bomb fell, the results were more important than the image. This was not an Ohms Law decision!

The path of least resistance for Rwanda was to turn our backs while 600,000 people were slaughtered. We did not buy any oil from them. I’ll make you a bet: If we had the Keystone Pipeline and were getting 100% of our energy needs right here in North America, there would be very little interest in the Middle East.

We undertook to bring about regime changes in Libya, Egypt, Iraq, and now Syria.  All we did was make it easier for ISIS and Iran to get bigger grips in the region.

The path now has taken us to the next President. Whoever that might be. This current President doesn’t want to bomb his own people and the least resistance is to let nature take its course, blame everything on past administrations and hope he is successful with climate change where if there is any improvement he can claim credit and if not, it was not his fault either.

Leadership in today’s world meets with a lot of resistance. Two roads converge in the woods. Which path should a leader take? The well worn one or the road less traveled?


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