Yesterday Today Tomorrow


We all have the same amount of days in life to share
It seems to me there are three

There is yesterday, to look back upon
Tomorrow, with the hope it holds,
For you and for me
And then there is the here and now, a place we always seem to be
Our memories are in yesterday, some for good and some for ill
The day we live today, we don’t know just how it will be remembered,
But it will
But our hope and plans are all planned out
To be fulfilled, “tomorrow”
Today may contain great happiness
And wealth,
Or poverty and sorrow.
There is always yesterday,
Regardless of today.
And, we will always have “today”, as long as we may live
But no matter how we try,
Tomorrow never seems to come our way
Only yesterday and today.
“Tomorrow” is always out there, and just around the bend
Yesterday we shall always have
And we know “today” will end.
If all our hopes to tomorrow,
We fervently attach
The great and wonderful things we hope for,
We will always lack

Those things that we do today
Will be our memory tomorrow.
Let’s find our way to make tomorrow’s dreams
The reality of today
Then it won’t really matter
If “Tomorrow” never comes our way!

© 2015 SPT

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