Trophy, Anyone ?


Do you remember when there were “Winners” and “Losers”? There were some prizes for winning and sometimes there were prizes or a trophy for second and third place. There was the notion of a “Blue Ribbon” winner.

The last few little league games I went to, every kid got a trophy. They may have been on the losing team and not even have played in the game, but they got a trophy that looked liked the trophy of the winning team’s trophy and the player who might have gone four for four.

Today, I hear about a team that won its Pop Warner Championship and was expecting a trip to Disney Land. But, the “Mindless” people in charge decided that they would have a lottery and ALL teams would be eligible to go and their names would be put in a hat and a “winner” drawn! I believe we have hit a new low in “Liberal, Progressive” thinking. I think the people who decided to do that should have all of their life’s decisions made that way: who they marry should be decided by lottery, where they work, what they are paid where they live, etc. See for the article on the Philadelphia Tarheels.

It is no wonder that the young adults have come to expect so much. Professors with protected positions and tenure expound the liberal views.

Last week, Neil Cavuto interviewed a young lady who was trying to spearhead a “Million Student March” for free college educations and forgiveness of all college loans. When Cavuto asked how that would be paid for, she explained that the 1%’er’s would pay it out of their money with increased taxes.

Cavuto pointed out that if all of the 1%’ers moneys was taken it would only cover the bill for 3 years. Then what?

Her father pays her way to Northwestern at about $50,000 per year. They live in a $990,000 house and he makes $1,000,000 per year. You can see what a struggle she has had. And, just saying, she is a Marxist.

She was sure that enough money could be found…..somewhere.

Some of the small, socialist countries that have 65% tax rates do stuff like that. Imagine if that young lady gets a job, she probably will have to one day, and the tax rate is 70%. She walks in to a job interview and they say that they have a $100,000 per year job but they are only going to pay her $30,000 because they have to pay for some college student’s tuition. What do you think her reaction would be?

The US Military provides college for people with an interest in serving in the military. The tuition I believe, at West Point is “0”. A system that allows a student to work off their tuition is possible.

While much is said about the tuition and how to avoid paying it, little is said about controlling the cost of tuition. I had friends who went to Berry College long ago because they could work on the farm there and help reduce their costs while attending. Berry College costs $40,000+ now.

The people in the system have no incentive to lower costs as they want more money. Those who have studied this subject say, as with any programs, the more money that is made available to help students the higher the tuition goes. So, the student never catches up.

It is easy to give money away when its someone else’s. Give everybody a trophy, if you want. But I have noticed that in life there are “winners” and “losers”. To expect a trophy for doing nothing somewhat reduces the value of the trophy. To nothing. Some will argue that we don’t want to hurt the little player’s feelings and cause them some psychological trauma. I believe we do more harm by creating an expectation that everyone gets a trophy whether they deserve it or not. We have a whole federal bureaucracy built on that now. And I believe so does Greece.

Please come up and get your trophy! Everyone else is getting one!

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