World War III

Just when I think I have come up with something original, I find someone else beat me to it. This time it is the Pope.

This morning, early, I was looking at the news from Paris. Shocking pictures of how “radical” Islam is on the move and carrying out its efforts to win the battle it is in with, truly, the world.  As I looked at the reports it seemed to me that we had entered World War III. Then, later this morning, the Pope said almost that exact thing.

According to the Daily Mail from the UK, as of July 10, 2015 there were 54 countries involve in trying to defeat ISIS. As far as I know, they have no tanks, planes, submarines, airplanes, or aircraft carriers. Most of the things in which we have invested billions upon billions of dollars have been rendered ineffective by a group that the CIA claims to be 30,000 fighters. Lord help us if they get to 100,000!  And, of course, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks and Syrian passports have been found on the bomber(s).

They are currently distributing their fighters throughout Europe and recruiting people from countries around the globe, including the US, via Facebook and Twitter. This is truly a Global Fight one that the President of the US has declared as “Contained.”  The President was apparently wrong if Paris and airliners flying out of Egypt are any indication.

This year has seen unprecedented measures to beef up security in France  since the January attacks there only to see the worst attacks there since World War II happen yesterday. Ask them if ISIS is “contained.”

Can it happen here? Anyone who thinks the answer is no doesn’t remember the Boston Marathon. Yes! It can happen here. And, likely will at some point if we keep taking the “Politically Correct” positions. Starting with the current administration not even acknowledging that there is an Islamic based problem and wanting to import Syrian’s here!

The elections are coming up. Jobs and the economy are key, some say. Some say its immigration. I say its the WORLD WAR III that we are in! A leader, and that should be with a capital L is desperately needed. Is there not at least one here somewhere? Can’t we recognize one when we see one? Apparently not.

Mrs. Clinton has shown that she is not the  person for the job as President in this current atmosphere, for sure. If any atmosphere, I question as well.

WORLD WAR III is here. Like it or not . Call it what you will. Who do you want to be in charge. Harry Truman and Franklin Roosevelt are not available.

No B2 Bomber with a nuclear bomb will solve this problem unless we use about 10 of them.

The ISIS group knows that they can bring us to the negotiating table if they just keep blowing up restaurants and theaters. We will be ready to approve nuclear weapons, give them billions and offer asylum to each and every one. The news media keeps showing the ISIS fighters in Ninja looking outfits that appeal to the thrill seeking zealots.

Our current administration started out by offering apologies ( and money ) to everyone that we ever had a beef with. Just sit down an talk to all these groups and make them understand what nice people we are and that we mean them no harm.

A couple of weeks ago it was a Russian airliner. This week its the City of Paris. Next, the world! Not next week! Its now!


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