Republican Party Obituary

GOP Headstone

On behalf of Reince Priebus, John Boehner and a host of others, it is my sad duty to announce the death of The Republican Party, also known as the GOP. An autopsy will likely not be needed because it is believed the causes of death included lack of focus, lack of leadership, lack of common understanding and having a Chairman whose name no one knows and can’t pronounce. The condition of the body is such that cremation is the only option.

I believe that a two party system is needed to keep a balance between the extremes. But somewhere along the way the party allegiances became more important than the Country’s needs and values. Then, along came the Tea Party people who set out to make the Republican Party better.

Now we have a split up Republican Party that can’t even decide on ONE person in their party that is worthy of being Speaker Of The House! And they expect to lead? They can’t get out of their own way.

So, by default we will once again abdicate the White House and we will move further toward the Socialist goals that will not bode well for the hard working middle class and we’ll see more and more freedoms disappear.

The “Change” that was promised has arrived. We have torn several pages from the Constitution and replaced them with “Executive Orders”. Any law that is not to the liking of the Administration is ignored and local authorities are sued for trying to enforce them.

And, sadly, no one is paying attention and seemingly, Congress is powerless. Whether it was the years of the “Reed Obstructionism” in the Senate or the “It Just Makes Me Cry” years of Boehner in the House. Where is Pete Seeger when you need him? We need to add a verse to “Where Have All The Flowers Gone”.

“Where have all the leaders gone?”

I think the Internet and Twitter has sent run them all off. Why? Because great leaders sometimes have warts. We are OK with having warts of our own but we don’t like them in politicians and yet we keep getting them elected. We like to talk about their bad behavior and far left leanings and point them out, but if the one with the most warts promises us the most, we mentally turn the frog into a prince.

But the Members of Congress and ex Presidents have no worries. They have made sure of that.

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