The 76 Days Of Christmas


I was not expecting it! It just came at me right out of the blue!

I was walking through the Sears Lawn and Garden department today with no particular purpose except that I have to walk through Lawn and Garden and the Tool section anytime I’m at the mall. I have to keep up on the latest in riding mowers and quick release ratchets so I will be able to discuss them with my male friends. I don’t risk bringing those subjects up with my female friends as I am not sure which ones would really give a flip.


There they were! All lit up! Dozens of artificial Christmas trees and its 76 days ’til Christmas!

No, I did not buy one because we still have the one we’ve used for the past several years since the kids started wanting to be home at Christmas.  It’s all wrapped up and can be set up in a matter of a few minutes with all the 40 year old, hand painted ornaments my Mother-in-law made, God rest her soul. The little tree is still pretty.

One of my close relatives kept their last year’s tree up until about June. I don’t see why they bothered taking it down. It looked nice in the living room.

I remember scouring the woods for a real tree as a kid and someone usually had spotted a suitable looking tree while doing other things throughout the year. There was a little tradition of going and cutting it down, trimming it to size and bringing it home. The ladies did most of the decorating but us kids put on the icicles made of aluminum, I think, and the snow looking stuff.

We expected about one nice present, like an electric train that I got one year. It cost $18.00 at Western Auto and I know because my mother kept the receipt and I have it around here somewhere. There were no $350 Xboxes. I still have the train and it works. I dare say most of the Xboxes, etc. will be at Goodwill one day in the near future.

On the TV Show, The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s girlfriend ended up buying him one of every game because he couldn’t decide which one he wanted. I’m not sure if that’s what happened with my Grandkids but I think they have one of each, too.

I loved the smell and the excitement and the expectation of Christmas back then. Now, it has lost a lot of that because it is stretched out into a two and one half month deal. But more than that, kids don’t get excited about it after they get about 6 years old now because every day is Christmas.

But, I’ll muster up a little Christmas Spirit before December 25th, I hope.  And, like usual, about a week or two before I’ll run out and buy a few things that will likely never be used or seen again two days afterwards. But, “It’s the thought that counts” I heard.

I will stick to trying to learn that “Twelve Days of Christmas” song that I have yet to get around to. And I will leave my 76 days of Christmas to the rest of you. You get a 64 day bonus.  By the way, I’m getting everyone the same thing they got last year. And, you probably remember  what that was! And, in case I don’t see you: Merry Christmas.

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